The Bridge Restaurant Brings Competition To Park Ave In Winter Park, Florida | 2023

The Bridge Restaurant Nestled inside of Winter Park, Florida off of Park Avenue, The Bridge brings a bit of New York style and competition to the historic strip. If you… Continue reading The Bridge Restaurant Brings Competition To Park Ave In Winter Park, Florida | 2023

Sixty Vines

Sixty Vines   Out of the city and into the vineyard is the feeling you get when you walk into Sixty Vines. I was lucky enough to eat at Sixty… Continue reading Sixty Vines


Tabla   Recently I have been expanding my food journey. Tabla is where I began. When it comes to American, Italian, Mexican and some Asian cuisines, I’m well versed.

Garp & Fuss

Garp & Fuss Garp & Fuss is a great little spot to hang out and grab a bite. It’s off the beaten path of Park Avenue. Garp & Fuss sits… Continue reading Garp & Fuss


Boca Winter Park At the end of Park Avenue, on the corner, rests Boca. Boca is a very popular restaurant on the Ave and one of my personal favorites. I’ve… Continue reading Boca

The Briarpatch

The Briarpatch The Briarpatch restaurant is a heavy hitter on Park Avenue. If you’re familiar with Park Ave then you’ve undoubtedly been to, walked by, or at least seen the… Continue reading The Briarpatch

The Porch

The Porch The Porch, right off Park Avenue is one of a kind. There’s not quite another place like it in the area, that isn’t a chain. The Porch is… Continue reading The Porch

Pepe’s Cantina

Pepe’s Cantina One of my favorite Mexican restaurants, in town, happens to be in Hannibal Square off Park Ave, Pepe’s Cantina. I was pleasantly surprised to find Pepe’s while browsing… Continue reading Pepe’s Cantina

Fiddlers Green

Fiddlers Green Fiddlers Green is a legitimate Irish pub. You may have been before, and I know you’ve probably passed by while driving down the street. If you noticed, the… Continue reading Fiddlers Green


Pannullo’s I think most people will agree that they enjoy Italian food, and one of the best Italian restaurants resides on Park Ave; Pannullo’s. My brother was a server at… Continue reading Pannullo’s