The Porch

The Porch

The Porch, right off Park Avenue is one of a kind. There’s not quite another place like it in the area, that isn’t a chain. The Porch is what I would refer to as an ultimate sports bar. On the other hand, it’s a very family friendly establishment as well. There is an eclectic group of people inside whenever I walk in, from families with young children to frat bro’s watching sports. Personally, I think it’s great. My favorite thing about The Porch? Their food and their bar.

The Porch is a Gameday Safe Haven

First and foremost, The Porch hits me as a gameday hangout right off the bat. It’s a great atmosphere for anything sports related. Football, baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, UFC fights, you name it. The bar is huge and can fit about 20-ish people with multiple T.V.’s on each side. The beer and cocktail selections are massive as well. I haven’t been for their happy hour but that is something I will be attending very soon. The staff, specifically at the bar, is fantastic. They’re very friendly and accommodating. Before I can finish a beer, they’ve already got another one lined up. The rest of the staff is nice and willing to help, but I’ve only ever sat at the bar. If you’re a sport’s fan, give The Porch a go. You can have a look at their drink menu here.

The Porch and Their Wings

If you ask someone who’s been, what you should order, I know that a lot of people are going to say, “the wings”. Their wings are good, but not my favorite. I don’t think they’re as crispy as other places I’ve been. They are very tender and juicy but the last few times I’ve had them the texture of the skin was chewy versus crispy. Like the fat hadn’t been hot enough to render out. Then again, a buddy of mine only orders wings from The Porch, basically, it all comes down to preference. What I do really like about their wings are the sauces they offer. My favorite is the Truffalo sauce (buffalo sauce x truffle oil). The pairing of spicy buffalo sauce and the taste/smell of truffle oil is wild and so is their liquid gold sauce. Toss a pair of old crocs in those sauces and I’d eat it. I’ve ordered the wings multiple times, they’re good but if I were solely on a quest for wings, personally, I would choose elsewhere as my first option. I don’t write reviews of restaurants I don’t like. So don’t take this out of context. Maybe I caught them on an off night or with a new cook who’s still learning the ropes. I’ll be sure to give them another shot soon.

Some Really Tasty Bites

Everything else I’ve had, I thoroughly enjoyed. One of the easier menu options I’ve really liked is their pretzel poppers. Wow, what a tasty little appetizer and perfect to soak up all the beer if you’re not hungry for a traditional dinner. Essentially, they’re soft pretzel bites, tossed in melted butter and salt, and then served with beer cheese. I really hope that you’ve had beer cheese before. If not, stop reading right now and go over to The Porch and ask them for a side of beer cheese and a spoon. I’m kidding, sort of… It’s one of those things that makes you sad when it’s finally all gone. Try the pretzel bites the next time you’re there and maybe order extra cheese.

Huge Crimson Shrimp Are a Hit

Personally, I am not a big fan of shrimp unless it’s cocktail shrimp or fried. Something about the texture gets to me. However, The Porch may change my mind about that. When I’m out, I make it a habit to see what other people order and, if given the opportunity, ask them about it and how they’re enjoying it. The main things I see, on plates, at The Porch are wings, burgers and fries, and shrimp. Their customers really seem to enjoy the shrimp. They’re called “Big Reds” and most people have no idea what those are. They have been described as huge, crimson shrimp with a buttery meat that is similar to lobster and scallops. I know that people really enjoy them, but I have been reluctant to order them myself. If you’re a shrimp fan, then this may be your first-round draft pick. I will order them next time and bring my girlfriend along to help me eat them all.

Burger Advice From a Burger Fan

Last but certainly not least, burgers. First, their fries are among some of the best I’ve ever had. Perfect side for one of their burgers. I’m a real stickler for burgers. I make my own and experiment with different meat variations and combinations. I prepare them fried, grilled, air fried etc., and I even experiment with different types of burgers like Mississippi slug burgers for example. It’s not uncommon for me to spend hours in my lab (kitchen) concocting all types of burgers with different spices and sides. The burgers at The Porch are great.

The Truck Stop burger is my kind of burger for sure. You can choose your protein but if you’re more traditional, you’ll choose the half pound 100% angus burger patty. The Truck Stop burger adds applewood smoked bacon, American cheese, caramelized onions, house made BBQ sauce, and fries. You replace those fries with an onion ring, and we have a rodeo burger, but the fries are a great and thus go very well with the rest of the burger. If you’re a burger person, you must put the Truck Stop Burger on your agenda. If you liked this review and want to read more, you can check out the review I’ve done on Pepe’s Cantina here. Check out The Porch’s website here.

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