Fiddlers Green

Fiddlers Green

Fiddlers Green is a legitimate Irish pub. You may have been before, and I know you’ve probably passed by while driving down the street. If you noticed, the parking lot was probably full, as it is most of the time and for good reasons. Fiddlers Green is the only Irish pub within miles of Park Ave. It’s always nice to have some friendly competition but opening another Irish pub in this vicinity may prove to be a futile gesture. Going into Fiddlers reminds me of the time I spent in pubs during my two weeks in the U.K. a few years back.

Fiddlers Green is a Legitimate Irish Pub

If you’ve never been to an Irish pub before, which is hard for me to fathom, it’s a sight to behold. It’s dim, cozy, and eclectic. Everywhere you look, there’s signage or memorabilia of some sort. Fiddlers really is a dead ringer for traditional pubs from across the pond. The bar and other furniture are all dark wood. Their bar is massive and boasts tons of imports on draft and in bottles. Their liquor shelves are packed to the brim. They even have a set of dart boards and a small stage. On most nights you can walk in and catch live music. They really thought of every little detail. Check out their upcoming events here.

The Chicken Wings at Fiddlers Green

I think we’ve established that Fiddlers green is a cool place to hang out, but the best part of Fiddlers is their menu. Before I get into their traditional Irish fare, I must discuss their chicken wings. Sounds weird right? Here we are talking about an Irish pub and I’m bringing up chicken wings. Obviously, any Irish pub in the U.S. would probably find it best to include some items that are innately American.

I have eaten chicken wings all over the southern U.S. and I’m pretty darn picky about them. We all want food prepared a certain way. I prefer them smaller because I think they taste better, tossed in the correct amount of sauce, and still extremely crispy on the outside etc. Fiddlers Green has executed them very well! They’re perfectly crispy on the outside while still being juicy and tender on the inside. They have a normal variety of sauces, and the wings are tossed in the correct amount to keep the crispy skin. I have brought handfuls of people to Fiddlers for their wings. If you haven’t tried them before, make Fiddlers your first stop the next time you crave some.


Aside from the chicken wings they have a few other Americanized dishes, as well as a menu full of Irish fare. The other dish that I receive a lot of positive feedback about is an appetizer. The Irish Egg Rolls. They are stuffed with corned beef and cabbage and served with a thousand island dipping sauce. It’s a very cool and super tasty fusion dish that plays very well with the fried exterior.

I know people who come back specifically for the Irish egg rolls. However, aside from wings, my favorite appetizer on the menu is the Scotch egg. There’s a good chance that you’ve never had a Scotch egg before but once you’ve had one, I bet you order them every time you visit. A Scotch egg is a hard-boiled egg, wrapped in Irish sausage, rolled in an egg wash and breadcrumbs and then deep fried. They are, hands down, my favorite small bite to order. Check out their menu here.

Traditional Irish Fare

I love British, Irish, and Scottish food. Fiddlers is a godsend for me personally and I go there as often as possible. The fish and chips are among the best I had during my journey through the United Kingdom. It’s served as a big filet of cod, beer battered and deep fried. They serve it with these awesome potato wedges and a remoulade sauce. If I don’t order wings, I’ll usually order the fish and chips or the shepherd’s pie. I make shepherds pie at home and most people are baffled to find out that shepherd’s pie is traditionally made with ground lamb. Americans don’t seem to make traditional shepherd’s pie.

Because we don’t seem too keen on lamb, Fiddlers does make their shepherd’s pie with beef, but they execute it in a traditional Irish way; from the gravy they add to the beef to the seasonings they choose to use. The serving if HUGE, you’ll most likely be asking for a to-go box. They also have some other favorites of mine like the boxty potato pancakes and bangers and mash. Most of the entrees are VERY well proportioned. Most of the time I visit I leave with a box, a smile, and a bit of a buzz.

In my opinion, Fiddlers is a stationary, cultural portal. Every few months I have a yearning to pop in for some wings and a few Bass Ales on draft. Don’t just take my word for it, stop by, and place an order for yourself. Make sure Fiddlers Green is in the running for your choice on your next night out. Call ahead of time and ask about live music or check out their events page located in the second paragraph of this review. I think you’ll be glad that you took my advice. Be sure to check out their Facebook page and Instagram page as well. You can also check out their website here.

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