The Bridge Restaurant Brings Competition To Park Ave In Winter Park, Florida | 2023

The Bridge Restaurant

Nestled inside of Winter Park, Florida off of Park Avenue, The Bridge brings a bit of New York style and competition to the historic strip. If you haven’t heard, The Bridge Restaurant off Park Avenue is a fairly new kid on the block, with an extensive and eclectic menu. At The Bridge, you will find a mix of New York favorites, American classics, and Mediterranean highlights. Looking for something with a higher ABV? Stop by for a cold beer, a glass of wine, or one of their wine-based cocktails; with a side of quality cuisine.

The Bridge Restaurant reeks of class. This is the first thing we noticed, even before we walked through the door. The second element we perceived was the smell of delicious food being prepared; this immediately lets your stomach know that you’ve entered the correct establishment. Among the mounds of shawarma, 24k gold-laden burgers, and New York cheesecake, you won’t find any pizza. “What? No pizza?” Yes, no pizza; why? Because The Bridge is too good for pizza. You can get pizza anywhere, but how many places serve up burgers draped in edible 24k gold? Exactly.

The Bridge Restaurant Is Your New Favorite Brunch Spot

Unlike most restaurants we’ve visited for brunch, The Bridge serves brunch, every day, until 3:00 PM! This is a huge game-changer. As you may remember from past food reviews, we love brunch. In our opinion, brunch is one of the best meals you can have in this lifetime. All this time we’ve had The Bridge at our doorstep; sent by the brunch gods themselves. If you’re as big of a fan of brunch as we are, you’ll have to make a point to stop by The Bridge in the near future.

Appetizers To Die For

Portion control is one thing that’s not on the menu. Hopefully, you have some friends that would like to tag along on your next visit. If not, you may be rolling out of The Bridge, or better yet, making new friends by sharing. Among the piles of food, you will find the most delicate and airy fried calamari. If you’ve been following our food journey, you may remember that we’re usually not huge fans of octopus or squid… But, wow! We don’t know how they do it, but this may be the best calamari we’ve ever had, and the dipping sauce is most exquisite. In addition to the calamari, The Bridge serves up another “best of” appetizer. Throughout our travels, we’ve had the opportunity to try many variations of fried cauliflower tossed in buffalo sauce. The fried cauliflower at The Bridge is among the best we’ve ever had and you almost forget that you’re not eating boneless buffalo wings.

The cold appetizer platter is another heavy hitter. With extremely fresh flavor you can taste, you can’t go wrong. This is fantastic if you’re suffering from choice paralysis. With freshly stuffed grape leaves, homemade hummus, spicy yogurt dip, and eggplant mix all served with a side of warm pita triangles; you cannot have a better platter (until you get away from the appetizers, that is.) Whether you’re ordering the cold appetizer platter alone or with a group, this is sure to please everyone; while leaving you feeling refreshed and energetic.

Better Than Mozzarella Sticks

Okay, hear us out before you cry blasphemy. This appetizer gets its own section in our food review because all fried cheeses deserve some of the spotlight. You MUST try these to understand what we’re talking about. We want you to go to The Bridge Restaurant, have a seat, and immediately order the Cheese Rolls. Holy feta! These are delicious! This isn’t difficult to wrap your head around. The cheese rolls are made with feta and mozzarella rolled in a thin dough wrap and fried. They are then served with a marinara sauce for dipping. Can we please eat only these from now on? This spin on the appetizer that America has come to know and love, are lightyears ahead of mozzarella sticks. It’s inconceivable to us that The Bridge Restaurant is the only one preparing and serving these cheese rolls. They should have a line, a mile long, just for these. Don’t believe us? Prove us wrong.

Last And Certainly Not Least, The Bridge Restaurant Special Selection

The Bridge Special Selection is a monster. You need another person just to make a dent in this delicious platter. This is where the chefs at The Bridge shine brightest because it is a culinary masterpiece of flavor profiles, seasoning perfection, and undoubtedly well-timed preparation.

Served with perfectly medium rare grilled steak and the juiciest, most flavorful, chicken; there’s a lot to brag about in this special. In addition to the steak and chicken, you’ll enjoy mounds of shawarma, impeccable rice, and a very tasty take of finger meatballs. Not to mention the mix of cabbage and julienne carrots that are as refreshing a palate cleansing as they are beautiful. If you’re hungry, this is the choice for you. You won’t regret it.

All in all, The Bridge is exactly what Winter Park needed. A delicious bite of competition from NYC to keep everyone else on their toes. The Bridge has proven that they can hang with the best of them and we’re sure they’ll be around for a long, long, time. We’d like to give a big “thank you” to The Bridge and its staff for allowing us this wonderful opportunity and for their unparalleled generosity and hospitality.

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