MegaCon Orlando 2021

MegaCon Orlando 2021!

MegaCon Orlando 2021 Overview. This year’s Mega Con was definitely one to remember. Almost everyone and anyone were there. I got to watch little robots from Star Wars ride around my feet all while seeing a giant transformer walk above me. This year was a true masterpiece of characters, celebrities, and of course lots of Anime!

From the cosplay to every art vendor. There was always something exciting to see. Take a look at some of the cosplayers and artists that I had met while walking around this exciting convention to continue reading to learn more about them


L.K. Hingey

This writer is a true inspiration. Hosting a book signing at MegaCon she had given me an overview of her newest treasure, a handwritten story about a young 23-year-old taking on the challenges of humanity. Kimber is one story of a chronicle series. It was a true honor being able to connect and get my book signed by Author L.K Hingey. Check out and order her book by clicking here.

Now L.K Hingey is not just an incredible award-winning book author. But is also An Artist of her own mind. The cosplay and candles are something you will want to check out. Take a look at some of her concept work Here.


JaCo Tartaruga

Jaco Tartaruga is a movie enthusiast who loves comic books, fictional characters, and themes that drive the characters to become who they are. He also loves any and all types of art expressions. After a few years of roaming through the NYCC Artist Alley, and observing what people do, Jaco Tartaruga was inspired to do something for himself. He explains that his art comes from a very deep place in his heart, and it’s expressed with emotion, chaos, distress, that has been contained for a very long time….and it is now unleashed.

Ward Silverman

Ward Silverman was truly a pleasure to meet. With years of experience in trading cards and illustration. Ward has done licensed work for companies like Topps and Upper Deck. As an illustrator, he has created illustrations ranging from, Star Wars, To horror films and personal creations. Ward also seeks to create stories within the science fiction realm, mixed with realism.

Genki Goth Studios

Originating from the Big Apple and the Windy City, neon lover Miriam and ILLIG clad Dee Jay crossed pencils in the Sunshine State. With a combined background in digital, fine art, and animation, this marker-stained duo has set out to paint the town…whatever color they want!

Genki Goth Studios is comprised of husband-and-wife duo Miriam Medina and Dee Jay Smith, two Florida-based artists whose combined backgrounds in classical, urban, and multi-media art embrace their love of nerd culture through their loosely narrative, but mostly spontaneous paintings.


Diablo Comics

Diablo Comics started 15 years ago at a small table in the middle of the San Diego Comic-Con. Their comics are clean and very entertaining. Diablo comics have grown and have become a force across America.

Tattoo Artist

Imperial Class Tattoo

Imperial Class Tattoo is a premium tattoo and piercing shop in Altamonte springs specializing in custom tattoos and upgraded piercing experiences.

Having tattooed in central Florida for over 8 years, and across the southeast for over 18+ years, Patrick Dearman (aka Patrick the bear) decided to open a shop that is comfortable, clean, and caters to the wants and needs of a discerning clientele. The shop has a very Home like atmosphere, and clients are encouraged to feel at home and enjoy their experience with us.

Also Working with us is Ms. Michelle, an award-winning artist with over 20 years of experience tattooing.

Elite Needle Cartridges

DPS/Rockstar Ready Tattoo Supplies carries the best tattoo, piercing, and medical equipment, products, and accessories available online. Created by artists for artists and shop owners, we provide a full line of tattoo supplies, machines, disposables, needles, pigments and inks, sterilization, cleaning products, and many other shop accessories. With a company mission to offer consistent tattoo and piercing products of the highest quality at reasonable prices, Rockstar Ready has been servicing the tattoo industry since 1993.

Everything in between

The art, the tattoos, all of the merchandise, that was just the sprinkles on the sundae. The real treasure was seeing all of the unique and talented cosplay artists! There was everyone from spiderman, to the game of thrown characters to giant Pikachu’s running around. The talent takes to create a great cosplay outfit the way some of these artists have was just amazing to see.

What is Cosplay?

Many cosplayers create their own outfits, referencing images of the characters in the process. In the creation of the outfits, much time is given to detail and qualities, thus the skill of a cosplayer may be measured by how difficult the details of the outfit are and how well they have been replicated.

Because of the difficulty of replicating some details and materials, cosplayers often educate themselves in crafting specialties such as textiles, sculpture, face paint, fiberglass, fashion design, woodworking, and other uses of materials in the effort to render the look and texture of a costume accurately.

Cosplayers often wear wigs in conjunction with their outfit to further improve the resemblance to the character. This is especially necessary for anime and manga or video-game characters who often have unnaturally colored and uniquely styled hair. Simpler outfits may be compensated for their lack of complexity by paying attention to material choice and overall high quality.

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