Experiencing Orlando Art In The Mills Park District

Orlando Art: Calling All Aesthetes

The Greater Orlando Art community is a truly stimulating and exciting world. In truth, our city of Winter Park is fortunate to be included in this multitude of art exhibits and events. In addition to galleries, many art schools are nearby as well, furthering the richness and diversity of art displays contributed. With this plentiful and rich art scene so present in our communities, you’re bound to come across a mural or street artist to admire. And, regardless of your relationship or connection to art, anyone who enjoys and appreciates it are known as ‘aesthetes.’ In efforts to highlight the nearest art scene, Park Ave Magazine details the Mills Park district. Being close by, stop in for a visit to release your inner aesthete at the galleries sure to please.

The Gallery At Mills Park: An Exquisite Place To Live And Envelop Orlando Art

The first step into The Gallery at Mills Park transports you into a high-end, rugged yet refined aesthetic. Though snugly nestled in Orlando, the setting can only be compared to New York City. The open, airy lobby is classy and sleek, featuring art pieces to entice everyone from the untrained eye to the esteemed gallery-goer. In the heart of the hip area of Mills Park in Orlando, The Gallery at Mills Park sits alongside other artistic gallerias and exhibits to further stimulate all tastes. Redefining apartment living for the aesthete in mind, discover the extended features that are right within your locale. Here, true art appreciation meets mindful city living.

Orlando Museum of Art: The Esteemed Facility That Gives Back And Furthers Art Education

The prestigious Orlando Museum of Art (OMoA) presents and interprets compelling art for the public to envelop and experience. In doing so, it positively affects lives with innovative and inspiring education programs that remain a cultural legacy. OMoA typically presents 10-12 showings on-site and additional ones off-site in efforts to make art education more accessible. The museum also features award-winning art programs, teacher training programs, and video programs. Outreach is of high priority as well. This includes lectures, art appreciation talks, studio classes, lectures and luncheons in-house, and community events where possible.

Mennello Museum of American Art: A Contemporary Ode To American And Orlandoan Art

The timeless Mennello Museum of American Art preserves, displays, and interprets the paintings of Earl Cunningham and others. The Museum enriches the public through temporary exhibitions, programs, educational initiatives, and publications. Each of these efforts seek to celebrate outstanding traditional and contemporary American art and artists. Through a broad range of disciplines, the rich diversity of American art is on display to make it viewable to all. They present both a permanent collection and a series of temporary events indoors. An outdoor series known as Grounds For Exhibitions is also an annual feature in the Marilyn L. Mennello Sculpture Garden.

Other Fun Artistic Experiences

Not only does the Mills District have beautiful and classic galleries, they also have a playful side. Boom-Art by Rogers Studio is a spirited take on the art world with practical, ageless pieces. The Boom-Art concept is one of the newer projects of the art world. It’s reputation is famous because 2 former Ringling Brothers circus clowns own the shop. The married duo Glenn and Sandy Rogers feature their one-of-a-kind pieces in their 20-year-old showroom. With fun furniture and playful pieces, you’re sure to find something that speaks to you. A cool fact behind Boom-Art is each individual piece features a preserving thick plastic finish. Collected around the world, a large celebrity clientele has even taken a liking to the pieces. Clients such as Robert Plant, Shaquille O’ Neal, Carrot Top, and Steven Tyler love them, just as you will as well!

About The Gallery At Mills Park

The Gallery and apartment living are located in the Mills Park area of Orlando. It is truly the first fine art gallery of unique style for the public and its residents. Mills Gallery’s mission is has deep roots around the Orlando arts community. Here, they not only showcase and highlight art; they deeply connect with artists and residents alike. To explore their apartment and loft living options visit them here. Be sure to learn more regarding the Mills Gallery, the event venue and upcoming exhibits here as well. All press inquiries should be sent to MillsGalleryOrlando@gmail.com. Please note, Mills Gallery does not accept unsolicited artist applications.

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