Unfortunately, The Beloved Hungry Pants Restaurant Is Officially Closing Its Doors For Good

Unfortunately, The Beloved Hungry Pants Restaurant Is Officially Closing Its Doors For Good

Hungry Pants
, a much-loved eatery focusing on plant-based cuisine and serving as a community hub in Orlando’s SoDo district, has unexpectedly shut down indefinitely, as announced by the restaurant on Monday. Situated at 3421 S. Orange Ave, this acclaimed establishment gained recognition for its inventive plant-based menu and earned a spot in Yelp’s renowned Top 100 Restaurants in the U.S. for 2023.

The closure comes in the midst of ongoing financial challenges that have persisted since the restaurant’s inauguration in November 2019. Owner Alex Marin openly shared the hardships in a heartfelt Instagram post, attributing the four-year journey to unwavering determination and a dedication to sharing their distinctive culinary vision with the local community.

Well-Deserved Pride

Despite the closure, Marin conveyed a sense of pride for the impact Hungry Pants made during its operational years and hinted at enthusiasm for undisclosed future endeavors. The eatery, celebrated for its imaginative and specialized approach to dining, became an integral part of Orlando’s culinary landscape.

Hungry Pants Reminds Us To Shop Local

In a poignant conclusion to the announcement, Marin imparted a piece of advice to the community: “Support local businesses.” Encouraging patrons to direct their spending towards small, innovative enterprises that fill distinctive roles and contribute to the lively tapestry of the community, Marin underscored the pivotal role of such establishments in nurturing cultural development.

“If you have the means, consider supporting local businesses,” Marin emphasized. “Back a small creative enterprise that not only fills a gap but also contributes to the creative essence of our community. Through such support, Orlando can continue its evolution into a more cultured place to reside and raise a family, with residents collectively fostering the growth of specialized businesses.”

As the community contemplates the closure of Hungry Pants, the message to champion local businesses and contribute to the unique identity of Orlando resonates as a poignant reminder from the now-shuttered establishment.

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