UCF Pakistani Student Association Raises Relief Money For Pakistan

UCF Pakistani Student Association Raises Relief Money For Pakistan

The Pakistani Student Association at UCF was offering mango lassi, a drink from South Asia, during their fundraiser last Friday. The Pakistani Student Association raised over $1000 to help Pakistani people who suffered due to recent floods. The money raised will go directly towards helping those impacted by recent deadly floods in Pakistan. The Pakistani Student Association hosted the fundraiser in the John T. Washington breezeway. They said the funds will go to Helping Hand USA. Helping Hand USA might also receive matched donations down the line, based on previous communication with people who donated privately.

The Pakistani Student Association Is Helping Anyway They Can

Many Pakistani people located in Orlando are heavily invested in the mission of the Pakistani Student Association at UCF. Pakistani people are known for patriotism, so they like to help however possible. Over the last few months, Pakistan has been hit pretty hard by monsoon weather. Rain levels were 67% above average in the month of June alone. In August, the UN reported rainfall that was almost 3 time the national average for the last 30 years.

The heavy rains and flooding have been more than a nuisance for the people of Pakistan. This is the worst in decades. Many believe that this issue requires a collective world approach and prioritized attention. A half a million people have been displaced by the recent floods. Almost 1 million homes have been damaged and Pakistan has lost over 700,000 heads of livestock.

For the Pakistani Student Association, helping raise relief funds took a high priority. The Association organized the fundraiser over the course of a weekend. They postponed their first general body meeting to prioritize this event.

Jummah Prayers Were Answered

The intense rains and flooding are highly irregular for this season, despite that Pakistan regularly see’s monsoons. The monsoon season has gotten worse by melting glaciers, recording to a report recently released by NASA.

Jummah is a Muslim prayer event. The Pakistani Student Association was surprised at how much money they were able to raise after their decision to host Jummah Prayers. The PSA claims that the hosting of Jummah Prayers helped maximize their exposure and increased their ability to raise funds. The fundraiser was announced after the Jummah Prayers on Friday.

The Pakistani Student Association is an all-inclusive place for Pakistanis to advocate for their Pakistani identity and heritage. This applies to both Pakistanis in America and global Pakistanis. Most Pakistani Americans view themselves as inherently Pakistani, even if they are American citizens by birth. The PSA has said that if America is in need, they will help and if Pakistan is in need, they will also help.

If you would like to help the victims of flooding in Pakistan, please click here to donate to Helping Hand USA.

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