Job fairs happening in Orlando 2021

Job fairs happening in Orlando 2021

Why You Should Attend A Orlando Career Fair

A career or job fair is an excellent way to meet a large number of potential employers at one time. These fairs not only provide employment opportunities but also provide a network for career exploration and professional development. If you are hesitant about attending one, here are five reasons why attendance at a fair can be worth your time.

What is a job fair?

A job fair, or career fair, is an event that brings together a mix of different companies and organizations that are actively searching for new hires. A career fair can be an effective way to meet and connect with prospective employers, network with other professionals, and interview for open positions. Likewise, hiring managers and staffing recruiters will usually have a booth set up where they provide job seekers with literature and other information about their company and discuss the open positions within their organization.

Career fairs provide a rare opportunity to meet many employers and company representatives in one place. So you will be able to have many short interviews with members of HR teams and submit your resume. You can also make some inquiries about their standard online recruitment procedures and interviews. Hence, you can gain an advantage over those who have not attended the job fair. Remember that many of the people you will interact with may be very difficult to see when they return to their corporate offices.

Interacting with potential employers can help you to get quick feedback on your resume. You will know whether your desired job position is in high demand by the companies you want to work for and your ability to meet the basic requirements for the position. The actual qualifications required for the job will be provided by these employers. This includes factors such as work experience, minimum educational qualification, and average salary offered. Bear in mind that to obtain adequate information about a potential job position, you will need to ask short and direct questions, in a friendly manner. This will help you to cover as many employers as possible within a short time.

Governor’s Job Fair, Orlando, FL, September 8, 2021


21st Annual Governor’s Job Fair – in observance of Workforce Development Month

12:00 – 4:00 PM (arrive anytime between 12-3 PM)

Central Florida Fairgrounds Expo Halls

4603 West Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32808


Indoors – rain or shine event. Located on West Colonial Dr./ SR 50 between Kirkman Rd. & John Young Pkwy. Turn into the main entrance from the intersection of West Colonial Drive and Peter Parrish Blvd.

What to bring with you to a job fair

When taking part in a job fair, there are several items that you may consider bringing with you to help you present yourself to recruiters and hiring managers. The following list outlines a few things that you may want to take with you to your career fair so you can provide required documents and information if a hiring manager or prospective recruiter requests it:

  1. Extra copies of your resume
  2. Targeted resumes
  3. Business cards
  4. Your professional portfolio
  5. Notepad or paper and pens
  6. An extra change of clothes
  7. Application preparation materials
  8. Your elevator speech
  9. Extra copies of your resume

When you attend the career fair, one of the most important items you should have with you is your resume. This can be a general resume that outlines your work experience, educational background, and your skills. A general resume will serve as a way for you to highlight your overall experience and skills, and you may leave a more generalized resume with a company of interest, especially if your target position is not an open job. This way, you can express your interest in the company and offer your information for future contact if your ideal role opens up.

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