Hen & Hog Restaurant Asks For The Support Of The Local Community

Hen & Hog Restaurant Asks For The Support Of The Local Community

The Hen & Hog restaurant asks for the support of the local community to keep their business afloat. Hen & Hog took to social media the other day to plead for the support of people from Winter Park and Orlando. The local restaurant has faced many challenges this year with an increase in food prices, limited parking, and the owner’s health issues.

The owner of Hen & Hog, Chef AJ Haines, has been struggling with health problems recently.  However, these are not the only challenges that the Hen & Hog find themselves with. “Chef’s recent surgeries have been one of the hardest things to overcome, parking issues and rising prices of food and supply chain issues have affected us all,” states their social media post.

The posting does not go into detail about Haines’ health issues, but other recent posts, which include a GoFundMe page, reveal further detail. They state that Haines had to undergo surgeries earlier this year and that he recently suffered some difficulties from those surgeries. Those difficulties forced the restaurant to close for a few days, according to Hen & Hog’s social media pages.

Hen & Hog Is Located In Winter Park

Hen & Hog is located in Winter Park at 221 W. Fairbanks Ave. Hen & Hog opened their doors in mid-2022. Before that, Haines ran a comparable idea in downtown Orlando called Mason Jar Provisions, which closed in the summer of 2022, only two years after it opened. Hen & Hog is one of many Central Florida restaurants to ask for community support on social media lately.

Pom Pom’s Teahouse Also Asks For Support

Pom Pom’s teahouse also asked for community support on social media lately. The owner, Pom Moongauklang, took to social media to express the struggles that his restaurant had been facing and asked for the support of the local community.

Please Support Local Business

Slowly, the mom-and-pop run restaurants in Orlando, Winter Park, Maitland, etc. have struggled to make ends meet. Suddenly, after being prominent landmarks in the Central Florida food scene for years, our local eateries find themselves aboard a sinking ship. It is our responsibility, as a community, to support small and local businesses so that we, and future generations, can enjoy them for years to come.

This is one reason we’ve created the food review portion of Park Ave Magazine. Our food reviews are specifically to bring attention and awareness to local restaurants that don’t have the opportunity for a larger voice. We want to see our community thrive. Not with large corporations that have no artistic vision, and make it impossible for the little guy to compete, but with craft businesses that are owned and operated by our neighbors and that are dishing out food of a higher quality with more attention to detail. Some of the best food we’ve ever had comes from restaurants just like Hen & Hog and Pom Pom’s Teahouse.

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