DJ Jaymob Releases New “Mini-Album” Titled “Paying Homage To Hip-Hop”

Jaymob Releases New “Mini-Album” Titled “Paying Homage To Hip-Hop”

Jaymob releases new mini-album titled “Paying Homage To Hip-Hop” for the Golden Anniversary of Hip-Hop. This year marks the golden anniversary of hip-hop, and we can’t think of anyone better to honor the affair than a lifelong supporter, Jaymob. Although there are a few cats in Orlando as true to the roots of the defining American art form as DJ Jaymob, he’s still one of the leaders in the industry whose support has never wavered.

Initially from NYC, Jaymob is a product of rap’s golden age with a career that goes back to the late 80s. Suitable to his heritage and the anniversary, the Orlando DJ-producer keeps the sounds on Paying Homage To Hip Hop clean and classic. Created mostly by the Jaymob-led producer organization RGN (Real Great Network), the production thumps with manicured beats and dark, urban swagger.

The List Of Featured Rappers On Jaymob’s New Project

The featured list of artists higlight Jaymob’s double background, a combination of big New York names such as Keith Murray, Ruste Juxx, and Recognize Ali with locals like Madd Illz and SB the Anomaly.

Even though everything else about Paying Homage To Hip Hop is inherently traditional, the most inspired move that Jaymob takes here is handing the mic to lots of lady MCs in an intelligent, modern twist that maneuvers around the historical rap hierarchy. Actually, it’s the lady MC’s that bring us the EP’s best, roughest moment in the opening track “H2O Volume” with a hard-hitting barrage of bars.

Keep Watching For More

Between the multitude of assorted vocal performances, the mini-album covers a lot of ground in its four tracks. Jaymob’s new mini-album “Paying Homage to Hip-Hop” is now streaming almost everywhere that you can stream or purchase music. Paying Homage To Hip Hop is the first of four associated Jaymob EPs that he has planned for release on his label Gas Face Records, so keep an eye out for more.

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