Bite30 – The $35, Three Course Meal Deal | 2023

Bite30 – The $35, Three Course Meal Deal

Once again Bite30 has descended upon Orlando and will be in full effect until July 9, 2023. Bite30 participating eateries offer unique pre-published menus boasting multi-course dinners at a set, once in a lifetime, price of $35. Patrons have the opportunity to try out numerous dishes on the participating restaurant’s menu for about the cost of a single meal, and eateries get to show off their specialty dishes to the new patrons drawn in by their Bite30 menu! Eat your way through the City Beautiful, experience wonderful foods, customer service, and the atmosphere of the restaurants you really should already have experienced but have slipped through your fingers. Orlando’s own Bite30 event is currently going strong, with an militia of local eateries offering up tasty, three-course pre-published menus for a meager $35.

How Does Bite30 Work?

Each partaking restaurant has conjured up exceptional multi-course meals that showcase the creativity at work in the kitchens of Orlando’s food scene. And once again, patrons are encouraged to contribute on social media platforms by tagging their dishes while dining at each eatery for the chance to win gift cards to participating bistros.

This year’s lineup is packed with heavy hitters from all around Central Florida. This includes some of your favorites. So, put your eating pants on, try something new, and participate in this year’s Bite30 that’s taking place throughout our local communities.

Participating Is Simple!

1) Take a peek at the menus for the restaurants you want to visit.

2) Decide which of the many delectable restaurants you’re going to visit first.

3) Head over to the restaurant of your choice and pig out!

There’s no need for special cards or coupons, just ask for the Bite30 menu and you’re in!

Which Restaurants Are Participating?

The schedule of spots this year includes The Pinery, The Stubborn Mule, Taverna Opa, Ootoya Sushi Lounge, Maxine’s on Shine, Artisan’s Table, Bulla Gastrobar, Dovecote, The Nauti Lobstah, and many, many, more delicious spots.

Reservations Are Suggested

As you may have guessed, Bite30 is a pretty big deal. This means you may face larger than normal crowds. It’s best practice to contact the restaurant of your choice ahead of time to attempt to book a reservation. Each restaurant is offering you an unbeatable deal, tasty food, and unparalleled service so you can experience the absolute best they have to offer. This is a great way to discover new restaurants at a discount! Just keep in mind, tax and tip are NOT included in the price. So, be prepared to act as you would in any other restaurant visitation scenario.

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