Where Will Technology Take Us In 2023?

Where Will Technology Take Us In 2023?

2022 brought us the fad of NFT’s, we saw crypto slow down, and we witnessed nuclear fusion take giant steps forward in the world of science. With all the excitement in 2022, where will technology take us in 2023? Experts have predicted how tech will shape 2023. You may already be able to guess where technology will take us in 2023 if you’ve been following recent developments and new innovations.

Where Will Technology Take Us In 2023? Artificial Intelligence

Where will technology take us in 2023 as far as artificial intelligence? AI is now a part of our daily lives. AI can now be found everywhere including e-commerce platforms, algorithms for social media platforms, dating apps etc. Some experts believe that AI will explode in 2023 as we absorb more AI generated art and music. In 2023 it probably won’t be uncommon for more workers to find themselves with new AI team members; contributing to ideas and projects.

Will The Metaverse Explode This Year?

Expert believe that the Metaverse will in fact explode in 2023. In spite of Meta (Facebook) losing billions of dollars last year, there seems to be a growing want and need for Metaverse products. People seem to love the idea of spending their time in virtual worlds online. This has been true ever since video games were introduced to humanity a few short decades ago.

We may see an influx of retail and entertainment companies launching pilots on the Metaverse this year. People who grew up playing video games and immersing themselves in virtual worlds will drive the demand for even more Metaverse entertainment; including concerts, edutainment, etc. This doesn’t include the virtual real estate opportunities that will spring from new members hopping onto the platform.

Sustainability Tech May Boom

The sustainability field may play a huge role in 2023. Electric vehicles, clean energy, etc. will take electricity to remote parts of the world. Solar power and wind energy will advance significantly as the demand for alternative energy sources continues to mount. While we continue to build larger capacity for renewable energies, short and long-term energy storage like batteries and hydrogen will play a key role.

Hyundai for example is producing a new hydrogen-powered truck. Long haul trucking could see huge advancements in 2023 as hydrogen becomes a major player in the race for alternative fuels. Not only alternative fuels, but carbon capture and storage technologies will surge as the planet pushes to remove CO2 from our atmosphere; which will grow in importance.

What About The Internet Of Things?

The Internet of Things is a network of sensors and infrastructure that are connected, which can collect data on basically everything. This includes heating homes to city traffic. Many believe that The Internet of Things will continue to alter the energy division this year. Things such as the smart thermostat for tracking energy consumption and new devices that use smart sensors and AI to help us become more energy efficient will flood the market. We will see an uptick in new Internet of Things products in 2023; without a doubt. Even your smart watch will continue to evolve.

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