Wekiva Island And Central Florida Zoo Collaborate For A Seafood Boil Fundraising Event For Otter Habitat

Wekiva Island And Central Florida Zoo Collaborate For A Seafood Boil Fundraising Event For Otter Habitat

Wekiva Island and the Central Florida Zoo will be collaborating for a seafood boil fundraiser to benefit their Otter habitat. If you’ve ever been curious about experiencing life from an otter’s perspective, here’s your chance, and it’s all for a noble cause. On October 21st, from 3 pm and 7 pm, Wekiva Island is partnering with Central Florida Zoo and 3 Daughters Brewing to host an enchanting seafood boil fundraiser. The most exciting part? A portion of the proceeds will be directly allocated to supporting Central Florida Zoo’s cherished otter habitat, marking the initiation of Wekiva Island’s continuous sponsorship of this unique section within the zoo.

For only $40, you can experience an extravagant seafood feast comprising one pound of succulent shrimp, impeccably seasoned corn, delectable clams, tender potatoes, and savory sausage. As if that weren’t enough, each guest will also be treated to three refreshing beer servings. To secure your place at this seafood extravaganza, simply grab your tickets via the Wekiva Island website.

More To Expect From Central Florida Zoo

However, this event offers more than just the pleasure of indulging in exceptional food and beverages. It promises a day filled with entertainment and activities suitable for everyone. The occasion will host live musical performances by Joseph Martens and Doc Hibbard, creating the perfect atmosphere for your seafood indulgence. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to intimately connect with some of the zoo’s captivating animals through close-up animal encounters.

If these attractions fail to spark your interest, there will be a silent auction and raffles featuring enticing prizes up for grabs. All the proceeds generated from these activities will not only contribute to the development of Central Florida Zoo’s new otter habitat but will also ensure that the zoo’s resident otter, Molly, enjoys a year of well-fed contentment.

All Around Enthusiasm

Carrie Vanderhoef, Wekiva Island’s manager and a member of the Zoo board, expressed her enthusiasm for the event to local sources, affirming, “We hold a deep affection for Central Florida Zoo, and we’ve previously organized various events to support our exceptional neighbor in Seminole County.”

Mark your calendars for October 21st and join forces with Wekiva Island, Central Florida Zoo, and 3 Daughters Brewing for a memorable seafood boil fundraiser. Your participation won’t just tantalize your taste buds; it will also play a crucial role in sustaining Central Florida Zoo’s otter habitat. This event presents an opportunity to relish a splendid day out while leaving a positive imprint on the local community and its wildlife. Don’t let it pass you by!

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