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Viet-Nomz Winter Park


As a child most of us grew up, or grow up, eating sandwiches daily. This is this reason we continue to eat multiple sandwiches a week as an adult. It’s comfort and nostalgia between two tasty pieces of bread; except now, the sandwiches we eat tend to be more sophisticated. We upgrade the bread to something fancier, include new and interesting ingredients, and go to all lengths to prep our sandwich as if it were a three-course meal. Viet-Nomz is one of the more sophisticated sandwich spots in town and treats there’s creations as such.

Viet-Nomz Banh Mi

There is a famous Vietnamese sandwich called a “Banh-Mi”. Partially thanks to the French involvement in Vietnam, they’re society has become obsessed with this traditionally Vietnamese sandwich prepared with less traditional Vietnamese, but world renowned, French baguettes. Most of us have had a baguette. If you have then you’ll, most likely, agree that a baguette is one of the best pieces of bread baked into existence. A Banh-Mi consists of flavorful pork belly, mayo and pickled vegetables on a crusty, airy, and delicious baguette. Baguettes truly shine as the pinnacle of a banh-mi and if you haven’t tried one yet, there aren’t many better places to find one other than Viet-Nomz.

We are lucky to live in a time where young, creative, chefs can wow us with their innovation and flavor profiles. This is true for everything from michelin quality cuisine to delicious homemade meals. Viet-Noms doesn’t only supply the traditional banh-mi but also is at the forefront of this creative culinary explosion with other formidable sandwiches on their roster. As a foodie banh-mi sandwiches hold a special place in my heart.

Other Viet-Nomz Fare

Enough about the banh-mi. If delicious, crispy pork belly, mayo, and pickled vegetable on a warm and crunchy baguette don’t float your boat, then we’ll just have to find something that does. Although, you do owe it to yourself to try one at least once. We bet you won’t be disappointed; however, some places make theirs better than others. Another famous sandwich, which you may have never heard of is the wonderfully sweet bao. The bao uses steamed Asian sweet buns that are about 3-4 inches in diameter. They can be filled with all sorts of things but at Viet-Nomz you have the option of chicken, pork, crispy tofu, or fish bites. This is topped with pickled vegetables, cilantro, and drizzled with Viet-Nomz spicy nom sauce. This sandwich works exceptionally well with their pork option because you have the wonderfully porky taste that fuses with the sour vegetables and sweet bun. They’re to die for.

Sandwiches aren’t the only fare offered by Viet-Nomz. They also have another heavy hitters on their menu, like pho. We’ve all seen pho, heard the word or ordered it ourselves. On a soup scale, pho would equate pho closest to American chicken noodle soup or Jewish matzo ball soup. Pho is different but is one of those prized recipes from Vietnam that is packed with healthy, vitamin rich, ingredients. It would be safe to say that pho is the chicken noodle or matzo ball soup of Vietnam and it’s a tremendous labor of love and work of art. Traditional pho takes about 24 hours to make because of the rich and flavorful broth. It is well worth it.

Viet-Noms Is Vegan Friendly

Viet-Nomz is vegan friendly! A lot of Asian cuisine is vegan friendly but at viet-nomz they have latched onto the “bowl” fiasco that we all seemed to be fascinated with. The vegan bowl is a must try for everyone and not strictly for people following a vegan lifestyle. With noodles, salad, crispy tofu and veggie spring rolls, this high energy bowl is great for anyone looking to eat clean and gain energy on a quick lunch break. Be sure to check out their website and menu. If you enjoyed this review, make sure you check out our review on Sixty Vines. Make sure you follow Viet-Nomz on social media @vietnomzfl on Facebook and Twitter and keep up with all the great food they’re producing as well as any new additions or changes that they might make to their menu.

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