Top Mango Picking Spots In Orlando

Top Mango Picking Spots In Orlando

There are many varieties of mangos grown in Florida – both commercially and for home gardens. South Florida’s Dade, Lee, and Palm Beach counties are the leaders in commercial crops, but mangos grow along with the southeastern and southwestern coastal areas, as well as the south end of Lake Okeechobee and up to Merritt Island.

Hatcher Mango Hill

Hatcher Mango Hill sells a mango like no other, literally. With a name fitting its location, the Lantana hilltop store on Hypoluxo Road is the only one in the world that carries the Hatcher mango, notes Katie Hatcher, who helps run the family-owned business.

The variety is named after the family that developed it in the 1940s by breeding different mango species together, Hatcher says. They’re grown on 150 trees across more than three acres.

Hatcher mangoes are known for their massive size (some close to that of a football), juicy sweetness, and smooth taste. The fruit holds a small, thin seed and isn’t stringy, unlike some varieties, she says. Mango season started a couple of weeks ago, says Hatcher. It’s expected to run until at least mid-July, but that depends on the weather. Locally grown Edward mangoes can be found on the shelves of Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market. Located on US 441 in Boynton Beach, the market is home to the sweet, Florida favorite, says Lowell Dimke, a supervisor. The price is about $1.99 a pound.

Although Bedner’s only sells Edward mangoes, Dimke says they’re a customer favorite during the summer. Dimke recommends using the sweet, creamy variety in salads, as the texture isn’t too stringy. Bedner’s mango season ranges from late May to August, depending on weather conditions, Dimke says. The store prides itself on supplying primarily locally grown produce, just like the Edwards. “It’s not only important environmentally, but also in terms of labor,” Dimke said.

Hours: Open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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Benefits of a spa day


Your skin will be glowing after a delicious sugar or salt scrub. All the dead skin cells will be scrubbed away into oblivion and shiny new ones will be revealed.


Everything about the spa from the lighting to the treatments is designed to make you calm, chilled out, and relaxed. After a spa treatment, you’ll be walking on clouds. So if work, relationships, or just life, in general, are stressing you out, a spa day is exactly what you need.


You get plenty of time for quiet reflection when you’re in the spa. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by how “connected” we are in this day in age. A spa is usually a no phone, no laptop, no Wi-Fi zone so you can truly get away from the world. Which, nowadays, is a rare luxury.


A good massage can take away aches and pains and help with joint pain conditions like arthritis. Just make sure you let your therapist know of any pre-existing conditions before the massage. I reckon you need to take a spa day at least once a month (easier done if you’re somewhere cheap like Indonesia), for your muscles’ sake.


The steam in the sauna/steam rooms helps you to sweat out toxins and a massage helps your lymphatic system to flush toxins from your body. A spa day is essential for when you’ve done a little too much indulging! Post Christmas, post birthday, post weekend,

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