Things To Do in Central Florida On A Rainy Day 2022

Things To Do in Central Florida On A Rainy Day 2022

Central Florida is synonymous with rain and bad weather. It is also synonymous with some of the best weather on the planet, boasting sun and fun. But, on the days where the weather is a little less than perfect, what can you do for fun? Aside from sitting home and binging your favorite episodes on Netflix. Well, you tuned into the right spot, here is our list of things to do in Central Florida on a rainy-day.

Indoor Skydiving

Not too far from Winter Park lies International Drive and Pointe Orlando. Living in Winter Park, we don’t often venture that far west. But, on a rainy day in Orlando, this may be the perfect area to kill some time. With their own parking lot, and free parking, iFly Orlando indoor skydiving is the perfect activity for a rainy day. Especially since it’s wildly safer than real skydiving. You get all the fun with a fraction of the danger. Book your reservations, choose a package, date, and time. You can also complete all necessary waivers on their website.

Orlando Paintball

Maybe the perfect thing for you, after being trapped inside the last two years, is to get out there and release some stress. Test your mettle as you fight for superiority against your friends and strangers alike. Orlando Paintball is your chance to shine and become a war hero. Orlando Paintball offers a few iconic courses, one of which is indoors. You don’t need to bring anything. Orlando Paintball offers all the necessary equipment. On a rainy day in Orlando, get a little messy with the largest indoor paintball facility in Florida.

Orlando Wall Crawl

If you’re looking to jazz up your Instagram feed, you can’t get as many sets in one place as Orlando Wall Crawl. If you’re bored with taking photos at home, Orlando Wall Crawl is just for you. During a rainy day in Orlando, you can still look like a perfect ten and no one ever needs to know that it’s dismal outside. With a wide variety of Instagram worthy interactive walls and a wide range of props, you can snap away with your selfie stick. They offer over 20 walls that change seasonally. Space is limited to 10 people at a time, so make sure you reserve your spot, before you go, via their website.

Catch A Movie And Grab A Bite

Sometimes, simply getting out of the house is enough to turn your day around. Instead of binging your favorite show or renting a movie in your own home, take a trip to the Aloma Cinema Grill for a feature film and a bite to eat. The Aloma Cinema Grill is Winter Park’s premier movie theater/restaurant combo. Grab a seat alone or cozy up to your partner in a comfy booth and be waited on hand and foot. Aloma Cinema Grill serves beer and wine and has an extensive menu of traditional American fare. With multiple screens and everything you need to get your fill (no pun intended) the Aloma Cinema Grill is the place to be. You can check out their menu ahead of time here

Orlando Science Center

The Orlando Science Center is an iconic landmark in Orlando. Unlike some of the other ideas on this list, the Orlando Science Center is educational and a great place to go if you’re bringing the kids along with you for some rainy-day fun. Although it is last, it is not the least of ideas for things to do in Central Florida on a rainy day. Sample your creative side in the design zone. Explore the complexities of our food system with the Food Heroes exhibit. Get energized in the Science Center Kinetic Zone. Spend your time spotting wildlife in their Florida Wetland habitat. You can even lift a Volks Wagon Beatle through a system of ropes and pullies with this interactive, educational, trip.

If you’ve enjoyed this list of things to do in Central Florida on a rainy day, you may also like our list of Five Great Spots for Lunch in Winter Park. You can read this article here for some tasty ideas. Maybe just going out for a bite to eat is enough to keep you entertained when you’re looking for things to do in Central Florida on a rainy day.

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