Things for teenagers to do in Orlando and Winter Park in 2021

What to do for teens in Orlando 2021

Who likes sitting at home? Not me. During this pandemic that is all we have been doing. While we wait for our parents to get home from work, we are stuck in the house. Not anymore, I have a list of fun activities for your teens to partake right here locally in Winter park and surrounding areas in Orlando.


All teenagers love shopping. Shopping is a great way to spend money and maybe even do some retail therapy. You may ask what retail therapy is? Retail therapy is shopping with a primary purpose of improving the buyer’s mood or disposition. Shopping can be done on a low budget or no budget at all does not matter. Just make sure when you are done you feel good.

Clear Kayak Glow in the Dark

I have never been Kayaking, Have you? I bet you haven’t been glow in the dark Kayaking. describes it as: Be ready for a glow in the dark paddling excursion that will showcase Winter Park’s natural beauty from the water and lead guests through the night. Enjoy the glow from our LED equipped kayaks as we’ll guide the way through narrow Venetian style canals laced with history and lined with some of Florida’s finest flora and fauna. For more into check out this link.


SeaWorld is a fun and magical place to go. It can be pricey but Florida residents always discounts. There are three activities you can partake in and they are. Animal Experiences. They have many different things to do like Dolphin Nursery, Jewel of the Sea Aquarium, Dine with Orcas, Dolphin Cove. Shows and Presentation. Activities they have are Sea Lion High: The new class, Orca Encounter and Dolphin days which is temporary closed. And lastly, Rides and attractions. Infinity, Mako, Karken, Sesame Street Land.

Dave & Busters

Dave & Busters is a fun arcade with so many fun and different kinds of games. They also have a restaurant that has really good food. You can watch sports and even plan parties and events. If you are over 21 then there is a bar so good news for you.

Winter club Indoor ski and Snowboarding

They have features of two indoor ski slopes plus an interactive panoramic ski simulator built specifically for training and advancing your skills in winter sports. You do not have to know anything about skiing or be a pro they have professional people who will help.

Lake Eola Park

Lake Eola Park is a Beautiful park that I would recommend. Lake Eola Park is a public park located in Downtown Orlando, Florida. Lake Eola is the main feature of the park. Also located in the park is the Walt Disney Amphitheater, which hosts many community events and various performances year-round. On the east side of the park is a Chinese pagoda, and a playground. The park is surrounded by four streets: East Robinson Street, Rosalind Avenue, East Central Boulevard, and North Eola Drive.

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