The Wall Crawl Orlando 2022

The Wall Crawl Orlando 2022

Bring your favorite person, wear your most colorful top, and make sure your phone is charged for this artsy date night! Wall Crawl is a brand new, indoor warehouse in downtown Orlando featuring 20+ rotating murals for date night selfies galore.

The Wall Crawl in Downtown Orlando

As soon as you walk up to this large, yellow warehouse located on Church Street, you’ll notice colorful steps guiding you up to glass doors leading into a room full of rainbow umbrellas and the words “WALL CRAWL.”

The Wall Crawl in Downtown Orlando is an innovate photo studio with 20+ fun backdrops or “walls” for Instagram and frame-worthy shots. Recently, we took a short trip to see what this place was all about and what readers can expect from such a unique concept.

The Wall Crawl Orlando 2022

The Wall Crawl Experience

When you’re ready to start snapping photos, head into the main part of the studio! There are two, large rooms with a variety of available backdrops. Some of the backdrops are simple pops of color while others are more complex and themed (with props!). This video tour gives a great overview of the current backdrop selection!

With more than 20 creative backdrops, you can pose with your own props or use the props provided by the venue. You’ll find beach balls, miniature hot air balloons, a huge cartoon unicorn, an Orlando mural, and a “Greetings from…Wall Crawl” backdrop, all with plenty of space to take photos, selfies, staged portraits, and more.


The walls contain creations from Orlando artists, with some pieces taking months to paint.


Covid Safety

As long as you stay socially distanced from any other parties in the studio, you can take as much time with as many (or as few) backdrops as you would like. When you session time is done or you’re simply ready to leave (whichever comes first), check out with the front desk and walk back to your car!

The Wall Crawl Orlando 2022

How it works

General admission is affordable at $25 per person with optional print photo packages available.

30 people may tour the Wall Crawl at one time in increments of 45 minutes and 90 minutes. Admission includes an Instagram husband – professional photographers making it easy for couples, families, and solo adventurists to get great photos during their tour.


A quick tip: the Instagram husbands snap photos with their own cameras and may take photos with your phone as long as the phone is in a case for safety reasons. If you bring a DSLR camera, the Instagram husbands won’t be able to take photos with your camera, but you can still get some great shots on your own and with your date!

The Wall Crawl Orlando

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