The Iconic DoveCote: A Rebirth In An All-Inclusive Community Setting

The Iconic DoveCote: A Rebirth In An All-Inclusive Community Setting

The iconic DoveCote will experience a rebirth with a new, all-inclusive, setting. DoveCote Restaurant, formerly known as DoveCote Brasserie, has embarked on a remarkable journey throughout its seven-year presence in downtown Orlando. Established in 2016, this culinary gem, with French influences, marked the triumphant return of the esteemed Chef Clay Miller. Co-owners James and Julie Petrakis of the Ravenous Pig and Gene Zimmerman of the Courtesy Bar joined hands with him to create this downtown sensation.

However, in 2020, a significant transformation occurred when Chef Miller assumed the role of executive chef at the Ravenous Pig. This transition ushered in new proprietors, Rob Tazioli and Chris Granville, who were determined to chart a distinctive course. Their vision included a subtle alteration in the name, from Brasserie to Restaurant, and the introduction of exciting events and live music to elevate the dining experience.

DoveCote Announced Its Unexpected Closure

Despite the restaurant’s evolution, an unforeseen event transpired. DoveCote Restaurant, nestled at 390 N. Orange Ave., recently made an unexpected announcement of its closure, with the last day of service occurring on September 30th. However, this announcement came with a glimmer of optimism, as the press release hinted at an upcoming location to be disclosed “in the coming months.”

Rob Tazioli, sharing his vision, expressed, “My vision for DoveCote is simple: to bring local, fine dining with an upscale experience to the heart of Orlando and build an all-inclusive community space for gatherings, both large and intimate, that mirror the diversity and rich culture of Orlando.”

Adversity Is A Thing Of The Past

Any questions of adversity are a thing of the past with DoveCote as they are looking forward to the future with renewed optimism. A change in venue could potentially bring fresh opportunities for this resilient establishment. Irrespective of the location, they remain dedicated to providing engaging events for its loyal patrons.

Recent press releases have elaborated, stating, “Tazioli and his team eagerly anticipate expanding indoor and outdoor dining and event gatherings in the new space,” as they endeavor to “enhance their vision and better serve the community.”

As DoveCote Restaurant prepares to transition to its forthcoming “all-inclusive community space,” Orlando’s culinary enthusiasts can eagerly anticipate another captivating chapter in the restaurant’s storied history.

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