Remember Ace Café? It’s Coming Back, This Time In Sanford

Remember Ace Café? It’s Coming Back, This Time In Sanford

Ace Cafe is making a comeback, reopening in Sanford after closing its downtown Orlando location last year. This beloved venue and restaurant is ready to serve motorcycle enthusiasts and food lovers alike once again.

Ace Cafe Finds A New Home In Sanford

The announcement was made official on the new Ace Cafe Sanford Facebook page, declaring, “It’s on, and it’s official.” The new location at 115 N. Laurel Ave. in Sanford, formerly Horstmeyer Farm & Garden, promises to bring the same vibrant atmosphere that fans loved at the downtown Orlando Ace Cafe.

The new Ace Cafe Sanford will offer a combination of venue, restaurant, retail space, and a hub for motorcycle enthusiasts. This exciting revival is a collaboration between key figures from Ace Cafe Orlando, Ace Cafe London, and Sean Kelley of 73 Moto.

What’s New At The Sanford Location

Plans submitted to the City of Sanford reveal that the new Ace Cafe will feature a stage, bar, kitchen, workroom, and retail space. This comprehensive setup aims to recreate the dynamic environment that made Ace Cafe a popular spot in Orlando. Though an exact reopening date hasn’t been set, anticipation is building among fans and the local community.

A Rich Legacy Continues

The Cafe has a rich history of hosting diverse events, from car meet-ups to live music shows. The downtown Orlando location was known for its eclectic events, including performances by legendary bands like Black Flag and the Rev. Horton Heat. The new Sanford location aims to continue this tradition, offering a vibrant mix of entertainment and community activities.

This reopening is not just about reviving a venue; it’s about continuing the legacy of Ace Cafe. With its unique blend of food, music, and motorcycle culture, Ace Cafe Sanford is set to become a beloved gathering spot in its new home.

Stay tuned for more updates as they prepare to open their doors. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a new visitor, the new location promises to deliver the same great experiences that made this popular Cafe a staple in Orlando’s cultural scene.

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