Places For Picking Perfect Peaches 2022!

Places For Picking Perfect Peaches 2022!

Places For Picking Perfect Peaches. Florida is the first state in the U.S. to have ripe, marketable peaches each year, a point of pride for the state’s growers and marketers. The stone fruit is typically ready near the end of March and available into May. It’s not a long season, but it’s the first domestic peach crop of 2022.

Graham’s U Pick Peaches

14803 Lake Yale Road, Umatilla; 352-636-3821;

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with kids, peach picking is a great way to have fun AND teach them about where our food comes from. There is something special about using locally made products, eating fruits and vegetables grown right here in Polk County, or enjoying peaches, strawberries, and blueberries you’ve picked yourself. We’ve got plenty of info on Farmers Markets and U-Pick farms where you can find fresh, local goodies!


Other Top Picking Places!

Green Acres Fernery & Citrus, Inc.: 8635 High St., Yalaha

Lady Lake Peach: 2917 Lake Griffin Road, Lady Lake

Premium Peach LLC: 3920 Packard Ave., St. Cloud

Orlando u-pick peach farm

Oponay Farms

Southern Hill Farms

Florida Sweeties You-Pick Peaches

Peach Farms Opening in 2022:

  1. Tree-O Groves – Opening April 16
  2. Florida Sweeties You-Pick Peaches – Opening April 22
  3. Premium Peach, LLC – opening April 16
  4. Hilltop Peaches – Opening April 21
  5. The Southern Peach Company – Opening April 24
  6. Southern Hill Farms (open now for blueberries and flower picking, peaches TBD)

Taking a chomp out of a fresh, ripe peach is always recommended, but here’s a recipe from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Sciences in case you want to turn a snack into a meal.

Last Minute Peach Picking Tips!

  1. Check the Farm’s website or Facebook page the day before or day of your visit to confirm hours
  2. Pick early in the morning when it is still cool.
  3. Dress comfortably with closed toe shoes. You WILL be walking in dirt and you will get dirty!
  4. Wear a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen – fields are in the sun. Light colored clothing is best.
  5. Bring your own container, not too deep. Many fields do not keep containers on site.
  6. Take CASH!! Many fields only accept cash.

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