Pigzza: Where Barbecue And Italian Cuisine Converge

Pigzza: Where Barbecue And Italian Cuisine Converge

Discover Pigzza, a unique culinary gem located in Mills 50, offering an enticing fusion of smoky barbecue and comforting Italian flavors. Founded by Thomas Ward, the creative genius behind Pig Floyd’s, Pigzza has become a captivating subject of both acclaim and critique. In this condensed exploration, we dive into the world of Pigzza, where the charm of barbecue meets the appeal of Italian cuisine.

A Fusion Of Flavors At Pigzza

Pigzza’s culinary journey was conceived with the promise of infusing “Italian-ish” and barbecue elements, a concept that immediately piqued interest. Thomas Ward, deeply committed to Pigzza’s success, diligently addressed online critiques, particularly those on Yelp. Recognizing the need for menu adjustments, Ward set out to elevate Pigzza’s distinct fusion concept.

Initially, Pigzza partnered with Al Palo, the owner of the renowned Stasio’s Italian Deli. However, Al Palo eventually withdrew from the venture, leaving Thomas Ward to navigate this unique fusion solo. Ward, having already mastered the art of pitmaster with Pig Floyd’s, embarked on a new culinary adventure, embracing roles as both pizzaiolo and pastaio.

Navigating The Pizza Challenge

Pigzza’s standout feature is its pizza offerings, described as a fusion of “Neapolitan-ish” and “New York-ish” styles. Notable creations include the “Meet Me at Floyd’s” pizza, featuring a delectable blend of braised brisket, grape jelly BBQ sauce, smoked mozzarella, and cheddar, garnished with pickled onions, cilantro, and green onions. Equally enticing is the “Shrimpin’ Ain’t Easy” pizza, loaded with blackened shrimp, hot Italian sausage, alfredo sauce, and a tantalizing cheese blend.

Pasta Pleasures And Other Temptations

Pigzza’s pasta offerings are intriguing. Tempting offers include pulled-pork pappardelle, characterized by a vinegary tang and lemony zest, and the “Floyd’s Carbonara,” a creamy pecorino and smoked pork belly. However, the star of the show is the spicy sausage tortiglioni, a hearty crowd-pleaser. The calamari, boasting a crispy cornmeal crust and zesty toppings, stands out as an appetizer not to be missed. Additionally, double-cooked chicken wings tossed in Calabrian chili, orange, and honey offer a flavorful option.

Pigzza: An Inviting Atmosphere

Pigzza maintains its popularity as a dining destination. The venue exudes a warm and consistently vibrant ambiance. The coveted patio area, particularly during temperate months, is a challenging reservation to secure. Thomas Ward’s substantial investment in the restaurant’s design is apparent, with meticulous attention to fixtures, seating, and artwork.

All In All Pigzza Is A Must Try

Pigzza offers a unique culinary journey where the world of barbecue converges with the flavors of Italian cuisine. The allure of its fusion concept and the dedication of its owner continues to draw patrons. If you seek an unconventional dining adventure, Pigzza is a destination worth exploring, where the marriage of barbecue and Italian delights awaits discovery.

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