Orlando and Kissimmee Cuban Sandwich Festival

The Cuban Sandwich is pretty serious eats here in Florida. Join in the fun as restaurants from all over Central Florida battle it out for the chance to compete in the 2020 “Best Cuban Sandwich in The World”. The winner will represent Central Florida. Will you visit the Orlando and Kissimmee Cuban Sandwich Festival?

There’s fun for all the family with live music and lots of tasty food and the best Cuban Sandwiches in Orlando and Kissimmee. There will also be an attempt to create the biggest Cuban Sandwich in the World. The current world record is 150 Ft. The 2020 goal is 190 feet. The sandwich will then be cut up and distributed to the homeless.

  • When: 2021 Dates Not Yet Released
  • Where: Island Grove Winery, 3011 Formosa Gardens Boulevard, Kissimmee, Florida 34747
  • Web: Kissimmee Cuban Sandwich Smackdown

About The Cuban Sandwich Festivals

​It all started in Tampa, Florida where Victor Padilla grew up with Cuban Sandwiches, Café con Leche, and the Historical Culture. In 2011 Victor and his wife were sitting down eating pan cubano with Café con Leche talking about creating an event that would compliment the Historical Culture of Tampa and something everyone would love to attend. They looked at each other and at the same time said, “CUBAN SANDWICH FESTIVAL!” Since then the Cuban Sandwich Festival has become Worldwide sensation bringing local, National, and International contestants to compete every year in our Cuban Sandwich Contest. London, England; Seoul, South Korea; California, Tennessee, New York and so on.

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