New Kids on the Block: The Winter Park Land Trust

Winter Park’s potential grows each year, along with the trees and lush greenery. While the city grows, urban parkland and open space must grow along with it in order to sustain and improve the quality of life for residents and visitors.  Throughout 2015 and 2016, the City of Winter Park Visioning Process revealed that maintaining and expanding urban parks and green space is among the most important community values of Winter Park’s citizens.

Winter Park Land Trust

This made way for a new non-profit called the Winter Park Land Trust . The Winter Park Land Trust was founded to “… plan, finance, and manage the acquisition of land and interests in land, to be used for the creation, expansion, improvement, and connecting of parkland and green space within and adjacent to the City of Winter Park.” Their aim is to ensure that future generations of Winter Park residents will continue to have access to a sufficient amount of green space and parks.

Their current Board of Trustees is has a few notable faces to it: City of Orlando’s Sustainability Director, Chris Castro; rock star Rollins professor, Leslie Poole; local do-gooder, Ted Haddock; Winter Park eco-champion, Sue Foreman, among others.

What Is a Land Trust?

A land trust is a private non-profit organization whose purpose is to conserve land for multiple benefits: open space, including enhancement of the aesthetic character of the community, recreation and enjoyment of nature, education, protection of historic and cultural sites or features, protection of water and air quality, wildlife habitat, and agriculture.


  • Stewardship of conserved lands and waters
  • Undertaking and promoting planning of conserved public lands
  • Educating and engaging the public


Keeping Winter Park Green

Community land trusts play an important role in the community they serve. These trusts advance the goal of providing additional local open space as well as can supplement the ability of municipal government to provide and maintain green space in the community.  Land trusts in the United States support parks and green space in cities and towns.


Celebrate The Launch of Winter Park Land Trust

Kick off the beginning of something new! The Winter Park Land Trust is hosting their launch party at the end of this month. It will be Thursday, February 28 at the Winter Park Farmers’ Market, located at 200 W. New England Avenue, Winter Park from 6-9 pm. Meet the board of trustees and mingle with other local businesses and faces. Enjoy refreshments, music, food and beverages. Seating, food, and beverages are first come, first served.


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