National Ice Cream Day 2022!

National Ice Cream Day 2022!

Thanks to President Reagan, we celebrate National Ice Cream Day every third Sunday in July, meaning July 17 this year.

Orlando’s Top Spots for Ice Cream Day!

Did you hear the scoop? This July 17,2022 is National Ice Cream Day! Something about the ambiance of an ice cream parlor just fills us with joy and makes us feel like a kid again. Orlando is home to tons of ice cream shops, each with its own unique characteristics and charm that make it special. Take a look at some of our top favorites.

Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream

First stop has to be Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream! Kelly, her husband, and her daughters opened their first ice cream shop in Audubon Park in 2015 and made their mark on Orlando residents with their local and handcrafted ice cream. They’re known for their classic pink and white striped cups, and all of their ice cream and sorbets are made in-house in Orlando.

The Greenery Creamery

The next stop has to be the Greenery Creamery, Orlando’s first artisanal ice cream boutique! The Greenery Creamery is proud to serve traditional dairy and plant-based ice cream made from fresh, organic, and natural ingredients.

Their first location is right in the heart of downtown Orlando near Lake Eola, with another shop in downtown Sanford in Henry’s Dept Culinary Collective Food Hall! Their ice cream makes not only makes you feel good but has a taste to match! With ice cream hand-crafted in small batches, pasteurized in-house, and customized for you with each flavor, they also rotate their flavors, so be sure to check out their website!

Orange Blossom Candies and Cream

In Apopka, you’ll find Orange Blossom Candies and Cream in Mont verde! This mother and daughter ice cream shop is located right on Lake Apopka in the old Montverde post office and offers incredible views of the lake and amazing ice cream and hand-made candies! Orange Blossom Candies and Cream offer local flavors like their Orange Blossom Key Lime Pie Ice Cream, and Blood Orange Italian sodas! They also offer dairy-free options and a new flavor of the month each month! Making the drive out there is totally worth it to check out this adorable Florida ice cream shop!

Abracadabra Ice Cream

Just a little south of Orlando in Kissimmee is Abracadabra Ice Cream which makes ice cream from liquid nitrogen! Located right in the heart of downtown Kissimmee, this ice cream shop is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. All ice cream starts out as a base, then you add in your mix-ins, and then they freeze the ice cream right before your eyes!

You get to choose between regular, sugar-free, lactose-free, or yogurt base and choose between dozens of different candies and treats as an add-in.

History of National Ice Cream Day

There’s no known inventor that can be credited with creating ice cream, unfortunately. But the history of ice cream is as rich as gelato. It’s been said that ice cream-like food was first consumed in China sometime between 618-97 AD. The first dish was made from flour, buffalo milk, and camphor, an organic compound commonly used in lotion. It’s also been noted that Alexander the Great adored ice and snow flavored with nectar and honey.

Close to a thousand years later in Italy, Marco Polo had returned from the Far East and bought back a recipe for what we now know as sherbet. It is assumed that this recipe developed into what we now know as ice cream which was once called ‘‘Cream Ice.’ It was in 1660 that the general public was presented with ice cream. An Italian man named Francesco Procopio Dei Coltelli decided to perfect a machine made by his fisherman grandfather which produced top-quality gelato in his café. The recipe blended milk, butter, eggs, and cream and was sold in Paris.

The first mention of ice cream in the United States derives from a letter written in Maryland in 1744 by Governor William Bladen’s guest. Then, the New York Gazette on May 12, 1777, printed the first advert for ice cream in the United States. Following the American Revolution, ice cream became super popular in the US.

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