Mangia Is a New Italian Restaurant in Avalon Park

Nested in Avalon Park is Mangia – a new Italian Gourmet restaurant Mangia in Avalon Park describes itself as a “modern Italian restaurant in the center of the city”. Mangia evokes the generosity, humor and simplicity of Italy.

Meet The Chefs Behind The Dishes

Mangia is led by Head Chef Rosario Russo and accompanied by Pizza Chef Gennaro Russo, and Maitre Simone Russo.

Chef Rosario Russo member of the prestigious APCI (Association of Italians professional chefs around the world). Additionally, he is the ambassador of the Neapolitan cuisine in Florida .  He was also appointed by the his own city to promote food and products from Napoli in USA .  He cooks for so many Italian personalities, for famous actors and movie directors like Giuseppe Tornatore who won the Oscar for his movie “ Nuovo Cinema Paradiso “ .

Chef Russo is an experienced Senior Executive/ Head Chef with exceptional skills. He has over two decades of experience at high- end restaurants and eateries. Additionally, Chef Russo has many skills – from designing and updating Italian menus to understanding safety and guidelines in the kitchen. He’s an effective communicator, an expert in managing the kitchen department, strong scheduling and budgeting skills, recruiting and training new entrants at a good pace.

Soft Opening in September 2022

Mangia had their soft opening on September 1st, 2022. Since it’s opening, their recipe has proved to be a success: fresh Italian cuisine and a casual ambiance. Mangia has not had the opportunity to make a big opening, as they have been nonstop busy since opening their restaurant.

What Does “Mangia” Mean?

The expression “Mangia!” is Italian and translates to “eat up!” Mangia is the imperative version of the Italian verb “mangiare,” which means “to eat.” Mealtimes in Italian culture are a way for family and friends to connect and are always a joyous time of day.

Explore The Menu of Mangia in Avalon Park

Mangia offers classic Italian staples to mouth-watering dishes- antipasta, soup and salad, pasta, pizza and desserts. Start your dinner with caprese, bruschetta and stuffed mushrooms. Then move onto Fettuccine Bolognese and Cheese Ravioli Pomodoro. Perhaps at this time you’d also be interested in sampling the Napolitan or Margherita pizza. The Neapolitan pizzas are prepared with the purest respect for traditions. Mangia’s pasta is handmade, and there are dozens of wines to choose from!

To finish off the meal, sample one of their decadent desserts – baba, cannoli, cheesecake, limoncello cake, or tiramisu. And nothing compliments Italian dishes and desserts than a glass of wine. Mangia has several choices – you can go with the cabernet or chardonnay.

“My husband and I just ate at Mangia’s Italian Restaurant. This is real authentic home-cooked Italian food.” – Sonya


Contact Info and Social Media

425 Avalon Park S Blvd, Orlando, FL 32828
(407) 737-7499

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