Kids In New Jersey Are Creating A “Kindness Quilt” In Art Class

Kids In New Jersey Are Creating A “Kindness Quilt” In Art Class

Kids in New Jersey are creating a kindness quilt. The student’s art teacher, Sheila McCloy, said “I just think kindness is so important, such an important quality. And I hate to say it, but there just doesn’t seem to be very much of it these days,”.

If you take a look inside her second-grade art class at Dennis Township Primary School, you’ll witness children learning that there’s more to art than just coloring or painting.

Sheila McCloy said “Two plus two is always going to be four. But in art, you can have an affective experience that’s going to help you to grow as a human being and that has to start now,”.

The students, under McCloy’s instruction, are drawing pictures to help other kids and the homeless. Their goal, to make people feel safe and secure.

What Is A Kindness Quilt?

Sheila keeps an eye on her students as they construct a “kindness quilt” that will be shared with homeless people. Students drew things that they felt happy about to include on each square of the quilt.

McCloy’s students have been diligently working on the kindness quilt that will eventually be gifted to a homeless shelter. The shelter serves children as well. The students were instructed to draw six different pictures of things that made them feel happy. One student drew a picture of an apple tree with falling leaves as well as a dolphin as it jumps out of the water. Another student drew a picture of a seahorse and a turtle claiming that they’re “really special animals”.

McCloy states that although her students are young, they can still make a difference in someone life. She called the kindness quilt project a lesson in activism, kindness, and compassion. She hopes that her students can hold onto these values as they mature and go out into the world.

Dennis Township, New Jersey

The kindness quilt is being constructed in Dennis Township, New Jersey at the Dennis Township Primary School. Dennis Township is located in South New Jersey. The class hopes to finish the quilt soon so they can deliver it to its new home and, hopefully, change the lives of less fortunate people in their community. We’re sure the kindness quilt will accomplish exactly what they’re hoping for.

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