How To Plan For Father’s Day And A Brief History

How To Plan For Father’s Day And A Brief History

Fathers themselves look forward to Father’s Day more than anyone else. Here’s how to plan for Father’s Day and a brief history of the day. Father’s Day is all about dad. It’s the perfect excuse for dads across the country to sit back, relax, and maybe crack a beer on their day off. However, in order to plan for Dad’s special day, it’s essential to know what Father’s Day even is. Because Father’s Day falls on a different day each year, it can become a little confusing. Let’s discuss how to plan for Father’s Day and a brief history of the day that made Dad famous.

You’ve come to the right place for some interesting facts about the holiday. Last year was the 50th year that Father’s Day was recognized as a national holiday. This is a pretty big milestone. It seems like Father’s Day is getting over the hill too. (Bad dad joke.)

There are multiple ways to show Dad you care. Dads are wonderful and most of them will settle for a home-cooked meal for Father’s Day dinner and some simple acknowledgment for their hard work all year long.

When Is Father’s Day This Year?

You still have a few weeks! Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 18 this year. This leaves ample time to plan out a wonderful barbecue, pool day or something fun that you can do with Dad to celebrate his day.

Father’s Day Changes Every Year

The date for Father’s Day changes every year. Father’s Day always falls on the third Sunday in June. This is an easy way to remember which date Father’s Day will fall on each year. For example, last year, it fell on June 19, and in 2021, it fell on June 20. You may be noticing a trend. If you can simply remember the third Sunday of June, you’ll never forget Father’s Day again.

What is the history of Father’s Day?

Father’s Day in the United States has a fairly candid backstory. Mother’s Day is another story but we’re not worrying about that yet. There is one fact that may surprise you about Father’s Day and that’s that it was made up by a woman. According to, the observation of Father’s Day as we know it today was developed and led by a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd in 1909. She “tried to establish an official equivalent to Mother’s Day for male parents,” and it wasn’t long before she won support from local businesses and beyond. On June 19, 1910, the first-ever Father’s Day was celebrated in the state of Washington. Also, it wasn’t until 1972 that the special day for dads became a nationally celebrated holiday in the USA.

Holiday concepts have progressed over the years, and at the start, Dad wasn’t particularly interested in the holiday because of its sentimental nature. However, as of a few years ago, most Americans celebrated Dad’s Day in some shape or form, with either their Dad, partner, or kids! The most popular way to celebrate since is to give a gift to Dad as a token of your appreciation. Cooking Dad a special dinner is a close second.

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