Houndstooth Kitchen And Eatery In Maitland, Florida

Houndstooth Kitchen And Eatery In Maitland, Florida


Houndstooth Kitchen and Eatery in Maitland provided us a great pleasure this week. We loved our trip to Houndstooth Kitchen and Eatery in Maitland, which is a bit of a hidden gem. Located one block west of Orlando Avenue, on Independence Lane, lies one of the best sandwich shops and scratch kitchens in the area. Let us first say that Houndstooth Kitchen and Eatery in Maitland is the PERFECT spot to grab a quick, delicious, and filling lunch for ANYONE who works in or around the Maitland and Winter Park area. If you’re visiting Houndstooth on the weekend, be sure to bring your furry friends along and order them some homemade doggy ice cream.

If you’ve read any of our other food reviews, you may recall that we love sandwiches and scratch kitchens… a lot. They don’t get much better than Houndstooth. Houndstooth is a quaint kitchen with a great atmosphere. Their location is just what you need after half a day in the office. They’re located right across the street from a lovely park and offer limited indoor seating with extended outdoor seating. The outdoor seating is covered by large umbrellas to provide shade and cover from the Florida summer heat and afternoon showers.

What’s On The Menu At Houndstooth Scratch Kitchen And Eatery In Maitland?

The Houndstooth menu is quite extensive. From lovable sandwiches to gourmet sides, homemade turkey chili, pimento cheese, doggy ice cream, soups, tacos, and hotdogs. There is sure to be something on the menu for everyone. As a scratch kitchen, Houndstooth smokes their own turkey and brisket, and slices their meats into deli style slices for use in their menu items. There are plenty of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options assuring that no matter who you are, when you visit Houndstooth, you’re well taken care of.

We were literally drooling over the site of the elegantly prepared sandwiches, soups, and sides that the owner David presented us with. David is a true foodie and chef. During our conversations with him, he expressed his love of marrying flavors in all his dishes for the best possible outcome. Once you taste his creations, you’ll immediately recognize the work of a true master of their craft.

What Sandwiches Can You Find At Houndstooth Kitchen And Eatery In Maitland?

All the favorites are on the Houndstooth menu along with some other newly acquired favorites, thanks to David. The fresh salads are a must try, all of which are made with the very best ingredients and crafted with true love and attention. The Cuban sandwich is one of the best Cubans we’ve had, and we eat Cuban sandwiches all over Florida. The Reuben sandwich is another favorite that will not disappoint even the most stringent sandwich connoisseur. Chicken Avocado, grilled chicken pesto, and lemon thyme turkey are new favorites that are executed PERFECTLY. With each bite you can taste the time and attention to detail that has gone into making these sandwiches, as close to perfect as possible, over the years. The best ingredients are used. The homemade sauces, in house smoked meats, and fresh toppings, all make a difference that you can taste right away.

The Houndstooth Kitchen And Eatery In Maitland Is The Next Stop To Upgrade Your Summer BBQ!

We know that you will be hosting at least one, if not many, barbecues this summer. If you REALLY want to kick your barbecue up a notch, swing by Houndstooth and pick up some of their delicious, homemade, sides. Pimento cheese, orzo salad, apple poppy slaw, potato salad made with homemade white barbecue sauce, and their homemade pickles are all great choices that are sure to keep your guests talking about your barbecue into next summer. They are phenomenal and these are NOT your typical supermarket side items.

More of a soup fan? You’re in luck. Houndstooth offers plenty of homemade soups including three that are permanent fixtures on the menu, and one that rotates weekly. Right now, because of summer, the fourth soup on their menu is an AWESOME gazpacho that will leave you wanting more. Turkey chili, tomato basil bisque, and curried split pea soups occupy the three permanent soup spots on the menu. No matter what your taste buds are after, Houndstooth offers so many options that even we can’t list them all. You have to checkout their menu for yourself here.

Come For The Food, Stay For The Fun!

Houndstooth is not the only reason to visit Independence Lane, although it is the main reason. Every Sunday, Independence Lane hosts an extensive farmers market that should not be missed. The entire street is filled with vendors from all over Central Florida. Stop by for lunch at Houndstooth and grab a beer to go with your sandwich. Pick up some fresh produce, then go home and try to create your own legendary sandwich. Also, the first Friday of every month is the “Friday Night Get Down” with live music. Friday Night Get Down will re-start around September 2022, so keep your eyes peeled and hop over to Maitland for a fantastic time.

Many thanks to David and the Houndstooth team for an amazing culinary experience. Houndstooth shows us that sandwiches, given the proper attention and care, can become elegant, extremely delicious, works of art. You really owe it to yourself to stop by and say hello. We bet that you’ll be back time and time again. Tell them Park Ave Mag sent you.

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