Grandmother In Winter Park Takes 1st Place At Weightlifting Competition

Grandmother In Winter Park Takes 1st Place At Weightlifting Competition

Emily Bader is a local grandmother and happens to be 80 years old. She recently competed in the Praelium Weightlifting Competition in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Emily said it was mind over matter when she made the decision to enter the competition at this year’s Praelium Weightlifting meet.

Emily wanted nothing more than to prove to herself that she could accomplish her goal and that she could lift the weight that she set for herself as another goal. Her largest hurdle was making sure she didn’t make a mistake when it was her turn. Each competitor only get’s one shot when they walk out to lift their weights. If you make a mistake, then you make a mistake. There aren’t any mulligans in the sport of weightlifting.

This Weightlifting Competition Required Tenacity

Emily gives credit to her determination. Her tenacity, to achieve her goal, paid off. Not only did her tenacity pay off, but her desire to compete provided her the first-place finishing title. Emily took home the gold, so to speak, in the master’s women 59-kilo weight class and age group of 75 and older.

Emily’s goal was simple and straight forward. Emily wanted to lift 50 lbs in the clean and jerk competition. Not only did she meet her goal, but she also exceeded her goal with a 51lb clean and jerk. Emily was challenged with the idea of trying to lift 50 lbs, so she started small. With only 11 lbs, Emily eventually built up to her 50 lb goal and even surpassed it. Not only did her tenacity allow her to reach her goal, but it allowed her to show us all that no matter your age, anyone, even a grandmother, can take first place at a weightlifting competition with the dedication and training.

Emily Proves That You Can Accomplish Anything You Set Your Mind To

Emily recalled walking into the competition where the majority of competitors were men, was intimidating. At first, she wasn’t sure she was in the right place, she began to second guess her decision. Emily quickly realized that she was met with a support system and was amazed how their encouragement helped solidify her decision to enter the weightlifting competition.

What’s more impressive is that the grandmother of two is lifting 50 pounds while dealing with osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition in which bones become weak and brittle. So, you can imagine how a weightlifting competition may be difficult for someone under these circumstances.

Most medical professionals would say that someone with osteoporosis has no business entering a weightlifting competition, let alone actually stood a chance of winning one. Emily went on to surprise her doctors and the exercise has actually been a blessing to her overall health.

In her last check up, her bone density in her back was actually better than it was before he competition. Her bloodwork revealed an unbelievable difference. Her doctors have told her that she’s as fit as someone 25 years younger than her. The change has been more to her body rather than her health. One thing is for sure, Emily still has proven herself, and her doctors, wrong. She also has a lot of fight left in her for future competitions.

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