Former B. Nice Patio Bar To Be Replaced By New I Love Orlando Cafe

Former B. Nice Patio Bar To Be Replaced By New I Love Orlando Cafe

The former B. Nice Bar is scheduled to be replaced by the new I Love Orlando café. In a strategic maneuver sure to bring joy to the residents of downtown Orlando, a brand-spanking new cafe is on the cusp of adorning the spot once occupied by the much-loved B. Nice Patio Bar. Sitting snugly at the southeast corner of The Metropolitan of Orlando at 151 E. Washington Street, this upcoming Cafe conveniently graces the western edge of Lake Eola Park. With a looming opening, it teases an invigorating dining experience.

The history of this location is steeped in foodie dreams, as B. Nice Patio Bar threw open its doors to the public for the first time in 2019. However, winds of change have since swept through the area, and as of May 2023, the once-vibrant bar has, regrettably, shut its doors.

Introducing The I Love Orlando Cafe

Enter the eagerly anticipated I Love Orlando Cafe – a concept expected to infuse a new layer of charm and gastronomic delight into the city’s downtown scene. As the name suggests, this cafe is devoted to embracing Orlando’s unique spirit. The upcoming menu promises an enticing fusion of flavors, designed to cater to a broad spectrum of preferences. Whether you’re an early riser in pursuit of a lavish breakfast or an astute aficionado of coffee in search of the perfect cup, this cafe has your desires covered. But the excitement doesn’t end there; I Love Orlando Cafe is set to offer an expertly curated assortment of beers and wines, ensuring its status as a versatile venue for various occasions.

While the exact opening date remains shrouded in mystery, the proprietors are steadfast in their commitment to swift action, with a target of unveiling their new concept to the public within the next 90 days. This means that both locals and visitors can expect a short wait before indulging in the delectable fare and basking in the friendly, welcoming ambiance promised by this fledgling cafe.

Be Sure To Support This New Local Cafe

The inclusion of I Love Orlando Cafe onto the downtown Orlando stage not only infuses renewed vigor into a beloved spot but also mirrors the dynamic, ever-evolving nature of the city’s gastronomic panorama. With its prime location and diverse culinary offerings, it appears poised to emerge as a preferred destination for those seeking to savor the quintessential essence of Orlando with every bite and sip. As such, it is advisable to mark your calendars and ready your taste buds, for this exciting newcomer to Orlando’s dining scene is just on the horizon, primed to enrapture hearts and tantalize palates alike.

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