Cups And Pups: A Pawfect Blend Of Coffee And Canine Companions

Cups And Pups: A Pawfect Blend Of Coffee And Canine Companions

Cups and Pups is the unique coffee shop in the heart of Orlando that has captured the hearts of both coffee enthusiasts and dog lovers. Cups and Pups, a dog-friendly haven, is expanding its concept to a new location, taking over the space that was once intended for the now-defunct Dizzy Donuts.

Cups and pups, a phrase that perfectly encapsulates the essence of this delightful establishment, has become a beacon for those seeking a cozy and welcoming atmosphere where they can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee while their furry companions bask in the attention and affection of fellow pet lovers.

A Pawsitively Delightful Expansion

After the resounding success of their first location at 1307 Edgewater Drive, which they opened in March 2021, the team behind Cups and Pups has decided to embark on a new adventure. Their second location, set to open at 2413 Edgewater Drive, promises to be bigger and better, offering an even more immersive experience for cups and pups enthusiasts.

The new space, previously intended to house Bruno Zacchini’s “Dizzy Donuts” concept, has been reimagined to cater to the unique needs of both human and canine customers. While the original location undergoes a transformation into a “hyper-niche, micro-bakery” to service the new shop, excitement is brewing for the grand opening of this expanded concept.

A Pawfect Blend Of Hospitality And Furry Fun

At Cups and Pups, the focus is not just on serving exceptional coffee but also on creating a warm and inviting atmosphere where dogs are treated like cherished guests. The staff’s dedication to ensuring the comfort and enjoyment of both two-legged and four-legged patrons has earned them a loyal following in the community.

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur seeking a perfectly crafted cup of joe or a dog lover looking for a place to socialize with like-minded individuals, Cups and Pups promises to deliver an unforgettable experience. With their commitment to quality and their unwavering love for furry companions, this unique concept is sure to continue captivating hearts and wagging tails alike.

As the anticipation builds for the opening of the new Cups and Pups location, coffee and dog enthusiasts alike are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to indulge in this pawfect blend of hospitality and furry fun. Stay tuned to their social media channels for updates on the grand opening and prepare to embark on a delightful journey where cups and pups reign supreme.

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