Create your Cosplay For This Years Upcoming Cons

Create your Cosplay For This Years Upcoming Cons

Digmarcon South is making its comeback and so is Villiancon. Is your cosplay outfit ready?

Are you a beginning cosplayer? Well, this is the blog for you. Learn what it takes to create the elaborate cosplay outfits you see all over some of the most popular “Cons” around the world.

Who Are You?

First off, you have to know who you want to be. What character? It could be anyone in pop culture that you love identifies with looks up to etc. He, she, or even it can be from your favorite video game, anime, manga, movie, tv-show, or comic. Cosplay doesn’t know gender, age, body shape, or skin color. There are no wrong answers with this one.

The starting point for any cosplay outfit is to pick your character and collect as many pictures as you can of their outfit, preferably from different angles. That way you can see the entire outfit front to back, head to toe. Depending on how crafty you are you may want to avoid anything that will require too much intricate detail.

Find inspiration!

There are many ways to create a costume. You can choose from all kinds of materials and techniques, some more and some less beginner-friendly. Luckily the internet is a great place to learn, discover and improve new skills and talents. A costume doesn’t need to cost a fortune either and even Iron Man can be made out of cardboard. Just search for helpful tutorials and get inspired by the cosplay community.

Set a budget with that costume in mind

Now that you know what you want to create, set a budget. A good place to start is to look at what you need to create that costume and try to keep the cost within a set limit. If one material for the costume is too expensive, use your imagination to find other alternatives that cost less. But whatever you do, don’t go over your budget. Figure out what everything costs, make it work with how much you’re willing to spend

Craft foam is your friend

For those interested in creating armor, there is nothing less expensive than craft foam. There are also a lot of great tutorials online that show you exactly how you can take cheap craft foam and make yourself look like an armored knight (or Brienne, from Game of Thrones, if you wish). Craft foam is versatile enough for all sorts of armor, too: you can make it look like almost anything else, including leather and steel.

Pick your materials

Depending on your chosen costume you’re likely to need a range of fabrics in order to create the look you want. Popular fabrics with cosplayers include Buckram, which can be used to make masks, hats and help add rigidity to costumes, Gala lining, and 7000 duchess satins for creating your outfits, and of course Worbla, Wonder flex, and Fosshape thermoplastics, which can be used to mold armor, weaponry and many other items. When looking for materials, color swatches are your friend as they’ll let you get an idea of the color and material that will work for your costume.

It’s all about having fun

Remember that cosplay is all about having fun. Creating your own costume is part of this process and can be a fun activity working out how to make a certain part of your costume. From wings and armor to weapons and accessories you can really go to town on crafting a beautiful costume that’s custom made for you.

Create your Cosplay

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