Cocina 214 Winter Park

Cocina 214 Winter Park


Florida has such a diverse cultural background which makes us a haven for foodies. We have so many options to choose from and luckily for us we have plenty of delicious Mexican restaurants to choose from as well. Cocina 214 is one of those restaurants. If you’re a food lover, and especially a lover of Mexican food, then Cocina 214 is one for your list.

The difference between Cocina 214 and other Mexican restaurants we have covered in the past is that Cocina 214 focus’ on contemporary Mexican cuisine and Tex-Mex. Most Mexican restaurants we have covered are more traditional, but we’re suckers for good food and Tex-Mex is a favorite of ours. Cocina 214 states “We want the same authentic, fresh and quality food found in Texas to flourish in Winter Park, FL. Cocina 214’s menu combines bold flavors with the freshest local ingredients to create exceptional Tex-Mex.” and that sounds perfectly fine to us.

Cocina 214 has a very elegant atmosphere. When you walk in you feel like you’re walking into an upscale hotel. The vibrant color choices really make the interior pop and provide fantastic aesthetics as you chat, laugh, drink, and eat. Speaking of drinking, Cocina 214 boast a gorgeous full bar with everything you could possibly want. Obviously, their bar includes some very fine tequilas to keep in mind for your next visit.

Cocina 214 Does Brunch

We could be wrong, so take this with a grain of salt, but we can’t remember another Mexican restaurant that we have covered that offers brunch. Cocina 214 does offer brunch, and they claim that they have been rated the “best brunch restaurant”. If you have read any other food reviews of ours, you will probably remember that we love brunch. We will be going back to Cocina 214 soon, specifically to try their brunch menu. With items like their Breakfast Burrito, which comes with queso and their Breakfast Tacos a La Mexicana; their brunch menu doesn’t sound like something we would want to pass up. Who doesn’t want breakfast burritos and breakfast tacos right? Especially smothered in delicious, hot, queso.

Other Cocina 214 Favorites

The two favorites of ours tend to be the dishes that are more traditional. I am speaking of course about Maria’s Chicken Tamales and the Enchilada’s. With Maria’s Chicken Tamales you will receive 2 tamales with rice and beans, serranos, garlic, tomatillos, chicken, cilantro, and ranchero sauce. Oh my, how delicious! This is a prime example of tamales. If you’ve never had a tamale before, you may want to consider Cocina 214 as your first step into the world of these delicious Mexican treats.

The enchiladas are another favorite. This dish includes 3 enchiladas topped with fresco cheese. Fresco cheese is a white, Mexican, cheese that doesn’t really melt but does become hot and soft. The result is similar to the fresh mozzarella cheese that you find, almost melted, on top of a margherita pizza. It is divine! The enchiladas also come topped with romaine lettuce, queso fresco, onions, sour cream and grape tomatoes and it’s served with veggie rice. This dish is so fresh and clean that you feel healthy and energized afterward. This is a great early lunch before you go out on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

You owe it to yourself and to Cocina 214 to stop by and try one of their delicious, fresh, meals. You can check out their menu ahead of time here and you can even place a pick up order online if that is more your speed. Just make sure you tell them that Park Ave Magazine sent you.

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