Briskets BBQ Shack And Grill Is The Stairway To BBQ Heaven In Our Own Backyard

Briskets BBQ Shack And Grill Is The Stairway To BBQ Heaven In Our Own Backyard

Hey there, fellow food enthusiasts! Pull up a chair and get ready for a deep dive into the culinary wonderland that is Briskets BBQ Shack and Grill. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill barbecue joint; it’s a flavorful journey that deserves to be savored. So, grab a comfy seat as we take a leisurely stroll through their menu, exploring the nuances and intricacies of each delectable creation.

Briskets BBQ Shack and Grill Menu

The Mouthwatering, Made From Scratch Sides At Briskets BBQ Shack And Grill

Let’s kick things off with the unsung heroes – the sides. Briskets BBQ Shack and Grill takes these seriously, and it shows. The green beans with bacon are a revelation, a symphony of crunch and savory bacon goodness that sets the stage for the main event. And that sweet potato pie? It’s not just a dessert; it’s a masterpiece – velvety, spiced to perfection, and made with a sprinkle of grandma’s magic. Mashed potatoes with cheese and bacon? Oh, they’re a party on your plate and the homemade baked beans with their medley of beans? They’re the unsung heroes of the barbecue scene, bringing a rich tapestry of flavors to the table.

The cornbread may be the moistest and sweetest cornbread we’ve ever experienced, and it is sure to make a cornbread lover out of even the most stubborn cornbread haters out there. The Mac N’ Cheese is serious and requires notable mention as many patrons have already expressed through a bunch of Google reviews. You could easily make a meal out of just the sides at Brisket BBQ Shack and Grill but then you’d miss out on the most killer BBQ this side of Texas. That’s not our opinion. Patrons have taken to the internet to express their profound joy and appreciation for what Bob and his family are doing over at Briskets and it’s clear that Arron Franklin has some competition in Central Florida.

Briskets BBQ Shack and Grill

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It’s Not BBQ Without Brisket

Now, let’s talk about the big players. The brisket is not just a hunk of meat; it’s a carefully crafted symphony of tenderness and smokiness. Bob, the maestro behind the scenes, oversees the whole smoking process, ensuring each slice is a flavor bomb waiting to fully entertain your tastebuds. It’s not just brisket; it’s an experience – a journey through the artistry of slow-cooked perfection that leaves you craving more.

This brisket not only passes the tried-and-true pull test by being so tender that you don’t even need teeth to eat it but also by not tearing apart under its weight. There’s a generous smoke ring, one helluva bark, and it’s so juicy that you don’t even need a drink to woof this slab of beef down.

Plenty Of Chicken And Sausage

Moving on to the dynamic duo – the smoked chicken and sausage. Picture this: juicy, smoky chicken that practically dances on your taste buds. And the sausage? It’s a star in its own right, crafted exclusively by Hopkins Meats in Sanford, Florida. Each bite is a flavor explosion, a testament to the dedication to quality ingredients and culinary excellence. With a hint of spice, this sausage goes great with their crunchy, sweet, pickle slices.

The chicken also passes what the BBQ community refers to as the bite test. Meaning that the chicken is cooked so perfectly that during eating your teeth pass right through the skin and meat and culminate into one perfect bit. The red oak used in all of Bob’s smoking procedures really shines through on this chicken, leaving you with an absolutely killer smoky flavor that lingers for the rest of the day.

Briskets BBQ Shack and Grill

Some Of The Best Beef Ribs Around

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the beef ribs – a carnivorous delight that’s tender enough to make you question if you’ve ascended to barbecue heaven. With the smoky bark and the rich flavor, it’s a sensory journey that lingers on your palate, making each bite a celebration of slow-cooked perfection. This may be an even bigger hit than the brisket, which says A LOT to BBQ connoisseurs. These beef ribs FALL OFF THE BONE folks and are so savory, you won’t want to finish them in one sitting. Due to the sheer fact that you’ll want some to bring home and enjoy later. We cannot recommend these beef ribs enough.

Briskets BBQ Shack and Grill
Briskets BBQ Shack and Grill
Briskets BBQ Shack and Grill
Briskets BBQ Shack and Grill

Melt In Your Mouth Pork Ribs


Then we have the pork ribs – succulent, seasoned to perfection, and practically singing with flavor. It’s a harmonious blend of smoke and seasoning that elevates the humble pork rib to a level of barbecue brilliance. Each bite is a reminder of why barbecue is an art form, and Briskets has certainly mastered the craft.

Have you ever barbecued some spareribs or St. Louis-style ribs and noticed some gristle or fat in the meat that you end up removing during eating? Well, we were prepared for this. But, to our surprise, there was no need. These ribs are cooked so well that we didn’t even notice some of the more unappealing parts of the rib that pork ribs are known for. Briskets hits these bad boys with just a bit of sauce and it’s a wrap. Even people who tend to shy away from BBQ will find that they could eat these ribs all day long.

Brined Turkey Breast

Ah, let’s not forget multi-day brined turkey breast. This succulent marvel is no ordinary bird; it’s a testament to the kitchen’s commitment to elevating every dish. Through a meticulous multi-day brining process, the turkey breast emerges perfectly succulent and seasoned to culinary perfection. Each slice tells a story of flavors that have been patiently coaxed into every fiber, offering a taste experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

It’s a delightful departure from the traditional barbecue fare, showcasing Briskets’ versatility and dedication to providing a well-rounded and satisfying culinary adventure for patrons seeking something a little different on their barbecue journey. We would bet money that this is the best turkey you’ve ever eaten. Tread lightly as this may ruin every other turkey experience you have in the future.

Briskets BBQ Shack and Grill
Briskets BBQ Shack and Grill

Last But Certainly Not Least… Dessert!

When it comes to the grand finale of your Briskets BBQ Shack and Grill adventure, prepare to be transported to the land of milk and honey via the desserts. Handcrafted from scratch by Chrisi, Bob’s Wife, these sweet delights are more than just desserts; they are a labor of love that has been perfected over the years.

The pie crusts are a testament to precision, flaky and golden, providing the perfect canvas for the sumptuous fillings that follow. Each bite of these heavenly creations, whether it’s the French silk pie, apple pie, banana pudding, or any other seasonal delights, is a journey through a symphony of flavors.

The desserts at Briskets are not merely sweet treats; they are the sweet conclusion to a barbecue feast that leaves a lasting imprint on your taste buds. It’s the cherry on top of an already stellar dining experience, a testament to the dedication and passion that permeates every corner of this family-run establishment. So, save room for dessert because, at Briskets, the sweet endings are as memorable as the savory beginnings.

Briskets BBQ Pies

Let’s Wrap This Up In Some Butcher Paper

In wrapping up our smokey adventure, it’s clear that Briskets BBQ Shack and Grill isn’t just a place to eat; it’s a haven for barbecue enthusiasts. The small, family-run vibe, with Bob and Chrisi at the helm, adds a personal touch to every visit. They’re not just serving up (What some would call the absolute best) barbecue; they’re sharing a piece of their passion, skill, and love for the craft with every plate.

So, if you’re on the hunt for some of the best barbecue this side of Texas, Briskets is the place to be. And let’s not forget the crew – they’re not just chefs; they’re some of the nicest folks you’ll ever meet, turning each visit into a memorable experience. It’s not just a meal; it’s a celebration of flavor, warmth, and good company. Please do yourself and your appetite the tremendous flavor of paying Bob, Chrisi, and the Briskets crew, a visit as soon as you possibly can. We promise that you won’t be disappointed.

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