Bakery 1908: A Dumpling Delight In Mills 50 Orlando

Bakery 1908: A Dumpling Delight In Mills 50 Orlando

Bakery 1908 is the dumpling delight coming to the Mills50 district. Prepare yourself for a culinary adventure like no other in Orlando, as the city gets ready to welcome a tantalizing addition to its dining scene – Bakery 1908. This exciting development stems from the creative mind of restaurateur John Zhao, known for his establishment, YH Seafood Clubhouse. Initially, Zhao’s venture into the lively Mills 50 neighborhood was expected to bring Sweet Buns Bakery & Cafe, a Hong Kong-style eatery offering classic crossroads cuisine from Hong Kong, accompanied by an array of sweet buns and rolls. However, plans have taken an exciting twist.

The eagerly anticipated bakery will still be located at 2021 E. Colonial Drive, formerly the home of the renowned King Crab Shack (formerly Lac-Viet Bistro). However, it will now go by the name Bakery 1908, promising a dynamic culinary experience featuring a rotating selection of dim sum items, coffee, and boba, all within a single establishment.

Dumpling Lovers Will Also Love Bakery 1908

For lovers of dumplings, Bakery 1908 will be a haven. The menu will boast a diverse range of dumplings, including steamed, pan-fried, and soup variations. From delectable chicken-and-corn dumplings to savory pork-and-chive options and mouthwatering har gow shrimp dumplings, the choices are abundant.

John Zhao expresses his enthusiasm, stating, “This is a completely new concept. There’s no bakery in Florida offering dumplings, dim sum, sweet buns, pastries, coffee, and boba. We believe this combination will resonate well with the Orlando market.”

Expressing Enthusiasm For Bakery 1908

In a remarkable partnership, Zhao has teamed up with the owner of a prestigious Taiwanese bakery, renowned for its culinary excellence since 1908 – hence the name, Bakery 1908. With a century-long legacy, patrons can anticipate cakes, sweets, and fragrant honey-infused (mi xiang) teas that will tantalize their senses and palates.

The eagerly awaited grand opening of Bakery 1908 is just around the corner, scheduled for later this month. Orlando’s food enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating this unique dining experience that promises to excite their taste buds.

Mark Your Calendars!

But John Zhao’s culinary ambitions don’t stop there. In addition to Bakery 1908, he will soon introduce Kyuramen, an internationally acclaimed ramen chain, at the University Shoppes near UCF next month. This expansion further solidifies John Zhao’s presence in the Orlando culinary scene, enhancing his impressive portfolio that includes Yummy House in Altamonte Springs and Pho 813 near the Millenia Mall.

So, make a note on your calendar and prepare your taste buds for an exquisite journey to Bakery 1908, where a delightful array of dumplings, dim sum, sweets, and boba awaits in the heart of Orlando’s Mills 50 neighborhood!

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