Back to College and COVID-19: Here is What You Need To Know

This fall semester is going to be different for everyone. If you’re a rising freshman, you were probably looking forward to a specific set of experiences for your first year. COVID-19 has made it’s way to all of our lives. Students have left campuses and classes have gone online. Back to College and COVID-19 has made school tricker than ever. In Florida, here is what you should know about the upcoming fall semester.

Rollins College Coronavirus Fall 2020 Plan

Rollins College is committed to a safe and healthy campus as they welcome back students, staff, and faculty this fall. The fall semester will start on September 14th and Rollins College has developed a thorough plan for this semester.

Rollins College COVID-19 Plan

  • Wellness screening and testing – students will undergo wellness screenings and move-in students will receive wellness kits
  • quarentine and tracing – Rollins has developed designated spaces for the quarentine of exposed, asymptomatic residential students.
  • personal protective measures – all students, faculty and staff are required to wear masks on campus.
  • changes in classrooms – classrooms will have a minimum of six feet between students and there will be assigned seating

Full Sail University COVID-19 Updates

In a press release from July 21, Full Sail University stated that they are closely monitoring COVID-19. Officials recommend that students remain off-campus during the July and August terms so they can expand the number of labs that can resume on campus.

Full Sail has implemented the following “Return to Campus” Guidelines (see full guidelines)

  • training of students and faculty in new health and safety guidelines
  • social distancing
  • check-ins at select entrances on campus with staffed temperature-taking kiosks
  • one person in the restroom at a time

Returning To UCF

The University of Central Florida is prioritizing the community’s health and well-being following the guidance of public health officials. The back to college and COVID-19 plan for UCF is highly detailed as they take student health very seriously. Here are a few highlights:

  • face coverings will be distributed at several locations on the main campus
  • UCF has ordered an additional 1,200 sanitizing stations with refills
  • UCF has it’s own COVID self-checker for faculty and students
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