Altamonte Springs Will Be Testing Wastewater For Polio

Altamonte Springs Will Be Testing Wastewater For Polio

As you may have heard, the Polio virus was found in wastewater in New York City recently. This has prompted Altamonte Springs to test wastewater for the polio virus. Although we have no cause for concern here in Florida, you can never be too careful when it comes to a deadly virus in our community. This has been proven with the COVID-19 pandemic. City officials announced recently that they will begin with Altamonte Springs to test wastewater for the polio virus as a precautionary measure.

Altamonte Springs In Being Proactive

Altamonte Springs wants to be proactive with their test before any virus may become a potential hazard to our community. Not only will they be testing for polio, but they will be testing for other viruses as well.

The Altamonte Springs City Manager stated that officials have begun looking into testing the water for Polio well before the news hit the headlines that New York had a person test positive for the polio disease. He said now, they’re just weeks away from beginning the polio testing.

Why Will Altamonte Springs Be Testing Wastewater For Polio?

Altamonte Springs was one of the first cities in the United States to begin testing for COVID-19. They did this at the very beginning of the pandemic. Since then, Altamonte Springs has started working with the lab owned by the city to determine how they can also test for other viruses like polio and even Monkeypox in their wastewater. As it sit’s right now, Polio is not a major health concern in Florida. However, Altamonte Springs wants to hammer down the protocols while we have the resources available and in place. This way, if it ever is a concern, we can react to it much more quickly and be prepared for it.

Altamonte Springs city leaders are happy that they thought ahead after hearing the surprising news that in New York City an unvaccinated man tested positive for the Polio virus. This is the first U.S. case of polio in almost a decade. The New York health department then revealed that the virus was found in New York City and two other counties’ wastewater systems. This means that other people have polio as well, too but may not be symptomatic.

The Testing Will Take Place In The Next Few Weeks

The city officials of Altamonte Springs suspect that the testing will take place within the next couple of weeks. It will be at least a few weeks before they have something to do their research and development on. Most likely, they’ll probably be rolling out something within the next month or so.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said that polio usually infects people through the mouth. This typically happens by hands that have been contaminated by an infected person’s fecal matter.

At this time, we don’t have anything to worry about, in regard to polio, here in Central Florida. Although Altamonte Springs will be testing wastewater for polio, this is merely a precaution. This shows that our community is proactive during any potential threat.

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