A Community That Kept Poetry Alive

There is something about creating and sharing poetry with others that makes the experience powerful, memorable and liberating. Additionally, connecting with other poets, writers, and other creatives is a great way to get involved in your community. In Winter Park, there are plenty of resources for creative writers and those who are interested in breaking into the daunting world of poetry.

Poetry Is Good For The Mind and Soul

We are now living in the Digital Age, which means shrinking attention spans, 250 character Tweets, and “difficult” reading material becoming disregarded. Poetry has become something difficult to digest in the modern world. Despite this, poetry still has an impact and still has meaning.

  • Poetry helps improve ideas – One of the biggest challenges for creative writers is getting started. That means creating ideas. Reading and writing poetry helps you think of new ideas and can change the way you perceive old ones.
  • Develop Essential Skills- learning the rules of writing, beat, rhyme, rhythm, and verbal communication
  • Therapy for the writer – poetry is a way for writers to get in touch with sentiments that they have only just discovered when they put in on paper
  • Therapy for the reader – poetry has a similar effect on the reader as well as the writer. Poetry allows you to see into the soul of the other person.
  • Understand the significance of words
  • Know yourself on a deeper level
  • Understand people and society

Join a community

Poetry Communities consist of more than just a bunch of hipsters who gather in coffee shops and “snap” to words spoken over an open mike. Poetry communities are a place for everyone to feel welcomed and feel as if they have a voice. Poets come together to write and speak about real-life subjects – hardships, heartbreaks, and headaches. It reveals a little bit of truth about each and everyone of us. Whatever roadblock you are facing, no matter how big or small, poetry is the silver lining that is an otherwise dark cloud. Poetry is more than just words. Poetry is art, an elevator ride, an everlasting heartbeat, the little moments we go through, it is how we express life. Start expressing yourself and find your tribe.

Winter Park Public Library

Winter Park Library holds it’s Prose & Poetry Writing Workshop for the community. Learn how to get your ideas from imagination into writing by using prompts to express your thoughts. Bring paper and pen or your laptop for this weekly workshop.

Fee paid directly to the instructor: $15 per session; $100 for series of 8.

Austin’s Coffee 

Open Mic Poetry – Austin’s Coffee has Open Mic Poetry nights every Tuesday at 9 pm. Share your work or check out other local poets.

Writers of Central Florida or Thereabouts

Writers of Central Florida or Thereabouts is a group of like-minded individuals and a forum for you to discuss anything you want about your craft. This is a chance for aspiring and published writers to discuss writing with those who want to write. Get a critique on your poetry, get an audience reaction, and discuss writing.

Stardust Video and Coffee

Stardust Video and Coffee is an avid supporter of the local Orlando arts scene. Every month they host events for writers and poets. Check out “The Short Attention Span Storytelling Hour”, “Nerd Night” and “Central Florida Songwriting Comp”

Orlando Poetry Slam

Orlando’s S.A.F.E.! Words! Poetry! Slam! meets at The Milk Bar Lounge (2424 E Robinson St.) two Thursdays of every month. Check Orlando Poetry Slam and The Milk Bar Lounge for poetry events.

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