You Can’t Sit With Us But You Can Come To The Mean Girls Party At Conduit

You Can’t Sit With Us But You Can Come To The Mean Girls Party At Conduit

Prepare for a blast from the past as the much-anticipated musical adaptation of the 2004 hit “Mean Girls” is on the brink of hitting theaters later this month. Orlando is gearing up for the occasion with an extravagant and unmistakably pink dance party at Conduit in Winter Park.

Set for 8 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 11, the Mean Girls dance party promises an evening steeped in nostalgia and high school drama, all set to the classic soundtrack of the film. Hosted by Le Petite Fete, renowned for organizing pop culture-themed extravaganzas, this event is poised to be a plastic-filled celebration reminiscent of the beloved movie.

Fans Showcase Their Mean Girls Spirit

For fans eager to showcase their Mean Girls spirit, there’s an opportunity to win big in the Mean Girls-inspired costume contest. Whether you choose mouse ears or opt for a bit of creativity with a pair of scissors and a white tank top, expressing your inner Plastic has never been so rewarding.

Le Petite Fete, known for their success in arranging similar pop culture-themed events, such as the Taylor Swift “1989” album release party in October, brings their expertise to craft an unforgettable night celebrating the Mean Girls phenomenon. The event isn’t just limited to Mean Girls enthusiasts; Le Petite Fete has previously organized gatherings tailored to other pop culture icons like Britney Spears, the Jonas Brothers, Olivia Rodrigo, and Harry Styles.

Get Tickets Now, Before Its Too Late

Tickets for the Mean Girls dance party at Conduit can be secured on, ensuring you don’t miss out on this spectacular night. As anticipation mounts for the theatrical release of Mean Girls (2024) on Jan. 12, the dance party serves as the ideal prelude to immerse yourself in the world of Plastics, “fetch” dance moves, and unforgettable high school moments. So, secure your tickets, don your best Mean Girls-inspired ensemble, and get ready to dance the night away at Conduit’s ultimate Mean Girls party – because “You can’t sit with us, but you can dance”!

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