You Can “Rage” At Coping Lab in Winter Park

“Rage Rooms” or “Smash Rooms” are all the rage these days, especially with the current affairs of the world. Most of us are stressed, overwhelmed, and looking for an outlet to air out our frustrations. Rage rooms in Orlando have been the rage recently. Now, they have been heading to Winter Park. Coping Lab in Winter Park has opened this past Saturday in Winter Park, offering a place to let go.

Rage Rooms In Orlando

With tensions on the rise, it’s no wonder people are looking for an outlet to deal with stress. “Rage Rooms” or “Smash Rooms” function exactly as they sound. They have designated places where you can smash, break, and destroy things. For those of us who struggle with anger management, smash rooms can be great therapy.

About Coping Lab in Winter Park

The recently opened Coping Lab is located on 2716 Forsyth Rd Unit 112 Winter Park, Fl 32792 near Hanging Moss Road. They are also a drive down the road from Full Sail.  Coping Lab “aspires to provide a wide range of services to our customers that will help to build healthy coping skills and positive behavioral practices.” Their warehouse is a mecca for those who love to break things.

Booking Options at Coping Lab

Two people can book a “Smash Sesh” for $70. The “Smash Sesh” comes with 25 glass and ceramic breakables, ten small items, and one electronic item.

For $160, you can order “The Rager” where you can break 55 glass and ceramic breakables, 25 small items, 1 electronic, 1 large item and 1 large TV, printer, or monitor. Coping labs also offers a “group therapy” option that goes up to 3 people. It’s perfect for a friend group or family gathering.

If you are thinking about creating instead of destroying, Coping Lab also offers paint rooms and private paint parties. There is also going to be a music Lab coming soon! Book a session here.