“X” Burger: The New Burger With 10 Patties From Wayback Burgers

“X” Burger: The New Burger With 10 Patties From Orlando Burger Chain

A couple of days after the world’s richest man quickly rebranded his website to an overcorrecting tower of wet beef, a popular burger chain, Wayback Burgers, is playing along.

Earlier last week, Elon Musk publicly changed Twitter’s name and the easily recognizable blue bird logo to the single letter “X”. Other than the rollout becoming an unbelievable comedy skit of blunders, certain experts have proposed that the rebrand most likely cost the company more than $20 billion in brand value, which is a substantial amount since advertising on the social media platform is down 50% after Musk paid $44 billion for the social media giant last year.

Taste The Wayback Burger Success

Luckily for you, and all of us really, you can now taste this success for yourself at this local burger chain! Starting on Aug. 1, the Wayback Burgers burger chain will unveil the “X” Burger.

“Created with the vision to be the everything burger, the ‘X’ Burger features ten layers of patties, ten slices of American Cheese, lettuce and tomato,” says the company. “But don’t sweat it, this burger will not cost $44 billion.”

The X Burger Will Cost Less Than Twitter

Wayback Burgers says the “X” Burger will only cost $29.99, but patrons named “Elon” will get it for free through the end of the month of August “to celebrate those who challenge the status quo, aim for the stars, and have a complete disparagement for birds.”

Guests named Elon must show a valid ID to receive their free “X” burger. Wayback Burgs has a few locations across Central Florida, including locations in Kissimmee, Orlando, Titusville, and Daytona Beach. The Wayback Burgers locations closest to Orlando are 11901 Landstar Boulevard, Orlando, and 2855 North Old Lake Wilson Road, Kissimmee. Not a far drive for the most epic burger ever; especially since we’re all used to driving far distances on a daily basis.

Apologies From The President

Patrick Conlin, the president of Wayback Burgers said recently that “Our goal has been to create the ‘X’ Burger,”. “It should have been done a long time ago, we’re sorry it took so long.” If you want to get your hands on a piece of this burger history, be sure you make your way over to Wayback Burgers sometime before the month of August is over.

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