World Nutella day 2022

World Nutella day 2022

Celebrated annually on February 5th, World Nutella Day is a holiday that celebrates Nutella – a sweetened cocoa hazelnut spread that is produced by the Italian candy company Ferrero.

Although once only known to the Italian market, Nutella has become a global confectionery sensation that is now sold in over 75 countries. In fact, according to various sources, it is estimated that one jar of Nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds.

World Nutella day

History of World Nutella Day

During the early 2000s, Susan Russo was an American blogger living in Italy who was always taking jars of it back to the United States. That’s because Nutella wasn’t easy to find in the U.S at the time. Which promoted Susan to wonder why Nutella wasn’t more popular in the States. Finally, in 2007, she sent an email to a friend, and fellow blogger, named Shelley Ruelle, asking her if she wanted to host an International Nutella Day with her. Shelley’s reply was an enthusiastic yes!

At first, the holiday was celebrated on February 6th, but the following year it was changed to February 5th. They also launched, which was a landing page that would link back to the blogger’s respective sites so people could find more information on the holiday. Over the years, the holiday became more popular and spread viral across Twitter and Facebook. All over the world, people began to share Nutella recipes and word of the product spread.

World Nutella Day Customs & Traditions


The best way to enjoy World Nutella Day is to buy a jar – or jars, as the case may be – and eat it straight, use it during a meal or use it in your favorite recipe. Nutella is perfect for spreading on toast, mixing into cake mixes and using it in sandwiches. In fact, you probably haven’t lived until you have tried a Nutella and Banana sandwich.

Nutella Recipe Ideas

World Nutella day 2022

Nutella Hand Pies

These pint-size Nutella hand pies made with puff pastry are too good to keep to yourself! —Taste of Home Test Kitchen.



Creamy Hazelnut Pie

I’ve always been a big fan of peanut butter. Then I found chocolaty Nutella hazelnut spread and I was hooked! I even changed one of my all-time favorite pie recipes by substituting that ingredient.

Cranberry Nutella Sandwich Cookies

I created these cookies for my family after I realized that we had been without Nutella for far too long! Tart dried cranberries are a natural pairing to the hazelnut flavor. We can’t get enough of these sweet cookies!

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