Workout Apps to Help You Keep Motivated

Workout Apps to Help You Keep Motivated

When it comes to exercise, consistency and commitment are key to seeing both physical and mental results, so staying motivated is essential. But how? If you have a hard time finding workout apps that motivate you to hit the gym (again) with renewed fervor and determination, trust us: You are totally not alone in the struggle.

Set a routine that works for you

“Whether it’s daily or weekly, find your own ideal schedule. In my opinion, it’s better to move little and often than to go too hard and burn out. If mornings aren’t your thing, find another time in the day that is better. Doing five workouts a week doesn’t work, start with two. If an hour doesn’t suit you, start with 20 minutes. You can always adjust this as you go. The important thing is to stick to it as best as you can. In the current times of uncertainty and working from home, having a routine means your exercise and fitness remains a priority, rather than an afterthought.”


For those of us who are strictly seeking kick-ass workout partners, the free Bvddy app will use your location, preferred workout methods, and skill level to find matches. It even incorporates the right swipe to confirm workout buddies, allowing you the option to choose when, where, and how you get your combined fitness on.


Sometimes, putting a little bit of money on the line is the only way we can finally commit to swapping our sloth tendencies for the beast mode mindset required to work out on a regular basis. Because we are not above accepting payment to exercise, we totally approve of the free Healthy Wage app.

By participating in challenges, users earn money for reaching their fitness goals. As Techlicious notes, the folks behind the app Healthy Wage appear to be extremely focused on enforcing its rules, making sure to emphasize the need for healthy fitness habits.

75 Minute Yoga.

One of the most common excuses from people who can’t stick to a workout routine is the lack of time. With the 5 Minute Yoga app, users can get in a few quick poses to shift into zen mode. A timer helps to keep you on track, but once you get into your yoga flow, don’t be surprised if you suddenly find a few more minutes to dedicate to your workout.


It is an app that is an excellent reminder of the importance of little steps. Your day is tracked minute by minute by a pedometer. It provides a summary of your movements. Telling you how many steps or pedals you have covered. Also, it keeps a record of the calories burned every day. The calorie consumed is presented as a simple timeline that can easily be read and understood. It is available for iOS devices and is free. It can be of great assistance in developing a successful workout routine.


If you are looking for a more casual approach to exercising, then Human is a good app for you. It encourages its users to reach thirty minutes of physical activity. Physical activity is not defined by the app so you can choose it according to your taste and convenience. You can choose anything from dancing, running, jumping, etc. The primary objective of the app is to ensure that you are active for 30 minutes every day. The app will track your movements and inform you about the goals that you have achieved. It is a free app and is available for iOS devices.

Noom weight loss coach

It is a combination of a nutritional coach and a pedometer. Users can log meals and workouts on this app. It also counts the steps of users through the day. It offers positive encouragement and shares articles and nutritional recipes with its users. The free app’s food database is color-coded. It is available for iOS and Android devices.

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