Winter Park Student Athlete Receives National Recognition For Outstanding Contributions

Winter Park Student Athlete Receives National Recognition For Outstanding Contributions

Winter Park student-athlete David Hull at Trinity Prep recently experienced a moment of surprise and gratitude as he was bestowed with the national Making a Difference On and Off the Field award. The announcement occurred on a Wednesday morning, and David, greeted with cheers and applause, walked through the doors, unaware of the recognition awaiting him.

Expressing his astonishment, David shared, “I was pulled outside, and I thought I was in trouble, and my lax coach was talking to me, and I was absolutely shocked. I didn’t expect this. I wasn’t even aware of the organization. I’m blessed to win this award but very shocked.”

Winter Park Student Athlete Is A Champion In The Game Of Life

Beyond his excellence on the basketball and lacrosse fields, David’s achievements extend to being a champion in the game of life. The award ceremony served as a special moment to acknowledge David’s contributions to his community, leaving a positive impact on everyone he encounters.

David’s father, Bill Hull, noted the special moment, saying, “It was fun watching him walk through the door because his brother and I were like, ‘he’s so phased. He has no idea what’s going on, and it made it really special.”

“It’s Not Why You Do It”

While David appreciates the recognition, it is not the primary motivation for his community involvement. He emphasized, “It’s great, obviously. It’s not why you do it, but the recognition is nice. I don’t know there’s been a lot of people that helped me get there.”

Athletic Director Colin Sullivan described David as humble, a mentor, kind, and empathetic, highlighting his leadership qualities. David’s mother, Blair Hull, expressed pride in her son’s recognition, emphasizing the wonderful feeling of knowing that others view him as a remarkable young man.

David’s Commitment To Mentoring Kids

David, aligning with National Mentor Month in January, shared his commitment to mentoring kids on the field, in school, and within his church community. Reflecting on his experiences, he encouraged the next generation of mentors with valuable advice, saying, “Every moment counts. You’re only in high school once, but do things you’ll look back and be proud of.”

In essence, David Hull’s narrative exemplifies the impact a Winter Park student-athlete can have on and off the field, leaving a lasting legacy of leadership and positive influence.

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