Winter Park Artists: Heidi lifrage

Winter Park Artist: Heidi lifrage

Heidi is one of the local artists we cherish here in Florida. Although Lifrage was born in Atlanta Georgia, She was raised most of her life in South Carolina and Florida. The first art class Heidi Lifrage ever took was in 1997 when she moved to Sofia Bulgaria. This is where the creativity flew onto the canvas. Heidi became hooked to the creative art world and still loves to paint twenty years and three children later. Continue reading

The art of Heidi Lifrage

Heidi specializes in oil paints and acrylics. Portraits of young children are among what she loves to paint the most. The expression children make is so innocent and true, who wouldn’t want to see their sweet faces? Initially, Lifrage illustrated her two sons ‘ when first getting into children’s portraits. Then she started including her daughter after she was born into the paintings.” As my Family continues to grow, my art will continue to grow,” says Heidi. The paintings eventually started expanding into oil canvases of love and comfort for many people. Her work grew into commissioned pieces for other families. ” I continue diversifying the scope of my paintings to keep my interests fresh such as landscapes and architecture.”

Bold, Bright, and beautiful

Heidi Lifrage’s oil paintings are filled with tons of bright colors. Just like her, her paintings have made a lot of people smile. A lot of thickly layered paint is essential to her work and style of art media. Her work is mostly influenced by the works of Susie Pryor (bold passion and reflection) and Carolyn Anderson (yin and yang, light and dark, warm and cool media’s), Heidi Lifrage is inspired to experiment in trying to learn multiple different mediums like going from abstract art to a more realistic type of feeling for her work. “Painting is an ever ending journey that never ends. And I love to travel.”

Are you interested?

Did you fall in love with the art or the story first? Well no matter which one you say, you can learn even more about this incredibly unique artist at her website or follow her on Facebook@Heidi Lifrage or follow her Instagram@heidistoneLifrage. Heidi Lirage takes a lot of time and gentle care when it comes to every acrylic painting. Lifrage also takes commission work as well in case you are interested in an original piece of artwork.

All Art Images used in this article was photographed by photographer Annie Vanacore

Merits include

National finalist for Florida Tomato Council, Published in the International Contemporary Masters Art Chronicle, Selected to participate in the Maitland Art Center pArticipation Fundraiser, Selected to participate in the Crealde School of Art art show, Participant in the Country Club Of Orlando Art Show

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