Where You Should Travel In 2023? Here Are The Best Places To Visit!

Where You Should Travel In 2023? Here Are The Best Places To Visit!

Finally! Most countries have dropped a lot of their travel restrictions. If you’re wondering where you should travel to in 2023, these are 4 of the best places to travel to this year. People are now flocking to travel internationally again, making 2023 one of the best times to book your perfect vacation. Prices for international flights may go up exponentially due to a spike in demand as countries toss aside their COVID-19 restrictions. 

If you’re wondering where you should travel in 2023, you should know that international tourism is expected to hit almost pre-pandemic levels in 2023. This could lead to almost 80% -90% of pre-pandemic travelers taking back to the airways. A lot of travelers will be full steam ahead this year, now is your chance to book your dream vacation and beat the travel inflation.

Where Should You Travel In 2023? Poland

Poland is the perfect place to explore if you’re wondering where you should travel in 2023. From Krakow to forests, lakes, and mountains. The biggest reason you should visit Poland in 2023 isn’t for the chance to stay in some fancy, aristocratic, hotel. It’s to show support for a country which has stood with the people of Ukraine.

Poland shares a border with Ukraine which spans for more than 300 miles. So, Poland has accepted a lot of Ukrainian refugees. On top of that, tourists have not been visiting Poland like they used to. Now is your chance to show your support to a country whose been through a lot and still found it possible to help their neighboring country. That, and the fact that Poland is gorgeous with a rich history and wonderful culture, makes Poland a top travel destination this year.

You Should Travel To Western Australia in 2023

In April of 2023 a total solar eclipse will be visible over the northwestern edge of Australia. That’s something we don’t see every day. Although this lunar event will last all of about 1 minute, there are plenty of other reasons to visit Australia.

Western Australia spans one-third of the whole continent, it stretches from the rapidly growing state capital of Perth over to the deserts which include the Great Victoria and Great Sandy, then it crosses over to the wine country i.e. Margaret River, the cliffs of the Kimberley, and the quokka-covered Rottnest Island. Not to mention the Kangaroos, beaches, and other wildlife.

Liverpool, England Is Another Great Place To Visit This Year

Liverpool is known the world over as being the original stomping grounds of The Beatles. This one simple fact is enough to entice travelers to visit. If you shoot for May 2023, you may be able to catch Eurovision; which will be hosted in Liverpool. One of the great things about England is that you can travel most places, via train, within a day and for relatively cheap. Within a few hours you can easily travel from Liverpool to Scotland, The Lake District, or even London.

In June, the city will celebrate 25 years of the Liverpool Biennial contemporary visual arts festival, as more than 30 international artists and collectives take over spaces in the city until September. There will be countless food festivals taking place along the coast in 2023 as well.  

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