What’s your Orlando Unpopular Opinion?

What’s your Orlando Unpopular Opinion?

These unpopular opinions could get you #cancelled. Reddit users on the popular r/Orlando subreddit to share their Orlando unpopular opinion. Ironically, unpopular opinions lists are quite popular to share on Reddit and other social media sites.

Typically, unpopular opinions aren’t necessarily that uncommon. While you may not voice your unpopular opinion in fear of being the odd one out, there’s likely a friend or family member with the same belief as you.

If you’re curious about some of the most unpopular opinions for Orlando, we’ve shared some of our favorites below.

“For the massive amounts of old people that retire, move here, and eventually pass away; Orlando should have far better antique and vintage stores.” – failedtherobottest

“We don’t need more public storage and drive thru car washes” – PolyproNinja

On The “I-4 Eyesore”….

“The I-4 “Eyesore” is not that unsightly. I actually thought it looked kind of cool when I first drove into the city while moving here.

It’s unique, I haven’t had to watch it’s construction for 20 years like others, but I don’t get the huge amount of hate.” – SeagateSG1

“the chicken tender sub is the worst sub that publix makes” – CrouchingToaster

“The theme parks are rarely worth it” – cwxxvii

Too Many Cars….

“There’s too much car infrastructure. Ideally, the freeways should be replaced with public transit corridors (trains, light rail, etc). Statistically, public infrastructure provides wonderful measurable benefits (less expense, less pollution, less cancer, less vehicular manslaughter, less parking, more green space, etc), but car-brained voters keep electing politicians who think the answer to our problems is always one more lane.” – nowutz

“Pine Hills isn’t as bad as ppl make it out to be” – nishbot

“We don’t need more public storage and drive thru car washes” – PolyproNinja

“The traffic isn’t the bad part, it’s the insane reckless drivers mixed with clueless tourists that make the roads dangerous lol.” – megisbest


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