What The Fork? It’s Veganuary In Central Florida

Veganuary In The Milk District

Have you heard about family or friends doing meatless Mondays? People around the world are taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle and cutting out animal products. Just last year, a Gallup poll shows that one in four people have cut down on eating meat. These numbers show the interest growing, and Orlando is right on trend. Turns out there’s a lot happening just a neighborhood away from our beautiful city of Winter Park. Your friends at Park Ave Magazine dive deeper and deliver the scoop on Veganuary in the Milk District.

What Does It Mean To Be Vegetarian vs. Vegan?


Though they share similar word parts, vegetarian and vegan lifestyles are in fact different. Being Vegetarian ultimately means that you do not eat meat of any kind. To add to the mix of confusion, there are different types of vegetarians depending on the view of eggs/fish/etc. It can get a little more confusing to say the least! When looking at what it means to be vegan, the answer is clearer. Veganism is centered around the idea that you cut out any animal part or derivative. This includes milk, cheese, honey and others of the like. An informative article provided by Healthline may also further explore the topic for your interest.

What Is Veganuary?

The idea of Veganuary was made by Matthew Glover and Jane Land. In 2013, the husband-and-wife duo decided to act upon their passion for animals and health. They believe that in order to inspire others to become vegan, you have to appeal to everyone. Inspired by the success of the Movember movement, Matthew and Jane started something different. Veganuary is utilizing the entire month of January in order to show tasty, vegan food to everyone! They feel January was perfect to inspire resolutions and better choices for the New Year. In truth, more & more people are choosing more non-animal options, for many reasons. Whether it’s health, environment, animal welfare and often-lower costs of food staples. Locally, the Milk District is near the T.G. Lee dairy plant. Coming a long way from pastureland, it is known as progressive. In the name of Veganuary, it’s become ‘The Almond Milk District.’

The Almond District for Veganuary

In honor of great food and good vibes, many businesses are participating in the event. Surprisingly, over 16 businesses in the Milk District alone are happily participating. Several of these businesses have specials or discounts on their plant-based option(s) during January. It turns out, many interesting and enticing dishes are served to please, options listed here. If you want to eat well and feel good doing it, be sure to stop by some of our staff’s favorites. Dharma Fine Vittles, Drunken Monkey, Pom Pom’s Teahouse and Sandwicheria are sure to please!

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